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3 Tips To Help You Bond With a New Kitten

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When you bring home a new baby kitten, there’s nothing more exciting than being able to help the little feline get settled in and comfortable enough. Here are 3 tips that always prove to be beneficial when trying to bond with a new sweet kitten.

  1. Pick a good name
    Having a cat name that applies to your cat’s personality or physical attributes is one of the most common naming conventions. Or you can go for the cute cat names and pick characters of different movies or tv shows that you’ve always found adorable.


  • Cuddle with your kitten
    Touch is essential to both human babies and furry little kittens. Once your kitten has been weaned off it’s mom, now is the time to start helping your little guy develop bonding with you. Stay near him, feed him and snuggle with him. Call him his name in a tender voice and pet him every so gently. ‘Gentle loves’ is a cat’s love language.



  • Ensure your kitten feels safe
    Whenever there’s a change in environment, cats can get very stressed. There are some products in the pet store that help ease the cat with a scented collar but in my opinion, I don’t think it works that much. It’s best to be there for your kitty, carry her around and show her the new house or home. Show her where to use the little box and then invite her to come sit up on the bed or couch with you if you are comfortable. When you share you territory with a cat, you’re sharing your territory with a best friend (who will soon claim it!)


Do you have any great ideas on how to bond with a cat or kitten? We’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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