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5 Steps to Correct Inappropriate Dog Chewing

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Playing with a puppy or a dog is fun. To continue with this enjoyable moment you need to take care of your dog in a right way. The most crucial time for your dog is in between three to eight weeks of age and around four to six months of age. Because it’s the time when your dog’s evanescent teeth will erupt. From four to six months of age, these evanescent teeth will be replaced by the permanent teeth. During this period, a puppy tends to chew more, because their gums are very irritated and they get relief from this discomfort by chewing. Chewing is a normal behavior for puppies, but it becomes disgusting behavior when it is directed towards the inappropriate objects like shoes, furniture, even your hands, and feet. At this time you need to be careful with your dog whether he is chewing appropriately or not. For this, you need to use some chewable items and also need to use some loud commands for your dog.

Here I have discussed the 5 steps through which you can correct the inappropriate way of chewing:

    • Trace out the medical problems: It is seen in some cases that dogs have a chewing problem when they are suffering from psychological issues, or they are suffering from the deficiency of nutrition, gastrointestinal trouble that causes nausea. These difficulties are medical issues and cannot be mended instantly. So it’s better for you to go to the vet for a check-up.
    • Make your home dog-proof: You should make your home dog-proof by keeping your belongings out of their reach. It’s the easiest way to keep your puppy from chewing up your belongings. Remove all the household cleaners, any chemicals, toxic plants from your puppy. It will be better if you can cover up the electrical cords and also removes, shoes and socks. If any room is not dog-proof, then close the door of that room.
    • Discourage Inappropriate chewing: By applying step two, you have already decreased 50% mischievousness that your dog can do. Now, if you notice that your dog is chewing any inappropriate things, then take the object right away from him and scold him with a loud command like “No” or “Bad chewing.” Then give him the chewable object and start praising when he chews on that purpose. Deliberately your dog will understand which one is for him to chew and which one is not. He can easily understand the differences by doing this step. You can also spray bitter apple flavor on those objects that your dog tends to chew. Dogs do not chew on things that taste obnoxious. You can quickly get a tart apple from the pet supply stores.
    • Encourage Appropriate chewing: If you can provide your dog with the chewable objects, then it will have less enticement on chewing inappropriate objects. You will have to train your dog in such a way so that he can understand which purpose is for him. You can provide him with toys and treats like greenies, nylabones, chewing strips, squeaky toys, raw bones, ropes. Do not give them chicken bones because it is too soft and can create sharp fragments that can easily puncture your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. You can also provide softballs and kongs; these are light and easy to carry but big enough for your dog to swallow.
    • Spend time with your dog: During this teething period try to spend more and more time with your dog. If you keep your dog busy playing, he will get less time to chew, especially inappropriate objects. Try to divert your dog’s attention by showing him new things, that makes him feel interesting. Dogs are very inquisitive, and they like spending their time by playing and having happy interaction with their family.

If you can teach your dog chewing on appropriate objects this will not only safe your personal belongings but also protect the bonding between you and your dog.

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