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A Guide to Sourcing the Right Boarding Kennels

There are certain occasions, regardless of how much we love the family dog, when he will have to be taken care of temporarily, while the family do whatever it is they must do, and unless you have a trusted family member who is prepared to stay at your house for the duration of your trip, you will need to look at boarding options. There are two main considerations with a boarding kennel, safety and enjoyment. The safety aspect means that your dog is fed and watered, along with daily exercise and lots of friendly human contact, and above all, that he is in a safe and secure environment. If a dog were to get loose from a boarding kennel, it may try to find its way home, and this could result in an accident, or possibly never seeing the dog again, so make sure the kennels are secure.

Pay a Visit

Once you have sourced an online boarding kennel that is within your area, the best thing to do is pay them a visit. If you happen to live in Sydney, Solar Lodge Boarding kennels offers warm hospitality to dogs and cats while their owners are away. The visit will enable you to not only see for yourself, the conditions the animals live in, but also to see how the human contact is, and if the carers are all animal lovers, then things should be really good.

Main Considerations

You don’t want your pet to be locked up 24/7, with food and water slid under a tray. Solitary confinement is certainly no holiday for the poor animal, who would be very stressed at this sudden change of environment. Look for a kennels that gives the animals twice a day exercise periods, and with a balanced diet, including daily treats, your dog or cat will enjoy the experience.

Human Contact

This is vital if your pet is to be happy in the strange, new environment, and a reputable kennels would make sure that the guests are suitably pampered. With trained carers who are dedicated to making the experience a pleasant one, you can be sure that your pet will also be having a holiday. Sydney homeowners can simply contact Solar Lodge Boarding Kennels, who are famed for their caring approach, and your pet will no doubt have as good a time as his owners.

Peace of Mind

Leaving the cat or dog at home is not a good idea, even if the neighbour will pop round daily with food, as the animal might think you are not returning, and his usual routine would be disrupted and with no one there at all times, who knows what might happen? A good boarding facility will give you the peace of mind that your pet is not only safe, he is also being given a lot of love and attention.

No animal is going to like the initial separation, but with the right environment and care, he will soon relax and begin to enjoy the experience.

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