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Choosing Your American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy from the Litter

Have you decided to add a blue nose or red nose pitbull puppy to your family? If so, then you’ve probably invested a lot of time in searching tirelessly and finally identifying a number of great breeders that offer adorable litters from which you can choose.

Also, you probably done research on the history of the pit bull and its characteristics in which case you likely uncovered some of the unfair controversies surrounding the ownership of the pit bull. So, this leaves you with the question: which puppy do you choose?

When faced with the decision of which red nose or blue nose pitbull puppy to select from a litter, choose the one with the best parents and grandparents you can identify.

Remember that the faces of the puppies can change in their adulthood, despite how cute they look as pups. If you value looks, make certain that the breeder has puppies that look the way you want. The look of a puppy’s parents or grandparents is a strong indicator of how the puppy will look as an adult.

Take into account the characteristics of a good American Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs are athletic and strong. The puppy you go for should demonstrate energy, speed, vigor, and strength. You can get a good idea of the pup’s potential temperament by observing how the parents behave.

If the parents exhibit signs of positive energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity, it is likely that the pups will grow to have these traits. Furthermore, if the parents and grandparents have been living healthy and long lives, the blue nose or red nose pitbull pups also have a strong likelihood of having a long lifespan.

Watch how the puppy acts in the presence of other pups in the litter. It’ll probably become a dominant adult if it exhibits bossy behavior as a pup. In contrast, it might grow up to be an insecure adult if it is a highly submissive pup. You should therefore select one with a temperament that falls somewhere between these two extremes.

A great choice would be a puppy that approaches to greet you with curiosity. If the puppy remains calm as you lift him up and doesn’t resist being held, that’s the right puppy for you.

Both male and female pit bulls make great pets. Females are a bit smaller than the males. Left to their own devices, untrained males may try to mark their territory inside your home by urinating on furniture and walls. You obviously need to check this behavior immediately.

Male pit bulls are prone to fighting with other male dogs, especially other male pit bulls, because they’re genetically predisposed to aggressive behavior. Female pit bulls, too, tend to fight with each other, but are not as likely to do so. Twice a year, the females go through a heat cycle, or “estrus”, which lasts about three weeks. Neutering or spaying stops this.

All red nose or blue nosepitbullpuppies are adorable so you need to spend time with a number of them to differentiate their personalities and choose the right one for you.

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