• Friday , 23 August 2019

Crowdfunding for Animal Hospitals

It’s not uncommon to hear of people adopting online fundraising methods to raise money for their medical bills. Today, people are doing the same for their pets. When veterinary bills get too expensive, you start a fundraiser on a crowdfunding platform in India , and collect donations for the medical care of your pet. In India, the streets are filled with stray animals – whether its dogs, cats, chickens, goats, or cows, we know that they don’t live in the best environments. Many of remain hungry for days, some of them die to to dehydration in the summer heat, and many suffer from diseases due to living in unclean spaces and scavenging garbage bins for food. In the past Impact Guru has been able to host many campaigns and innovative fundraising ideas started by animal lovers, animal rights activists, and animal NGOs. Today we’d like to propose another idea on the same lines – crowdfunding India for animal hospitals.

Here’s how animal hospitals can get financial assistance through fundraising:


If you’re someone who’s always aspired to be a vet or work in an animal hospital, but the educational expenses are beyond your means, we urge you not to let go off your aspirations due to a financial constraint, because you can easily raise money for veterinary school/ college fees and other expenses by starting a crowdfunding campaign on the Impact Guru website.

Set up an animal hospital

If you’re already a vet but you want to set up a hospital for your furry patients, you don’t have to dig into your personal expenses anymore. Cover the cost of by starting an online fundraiser and telling the world about how you hope to save animal lives.

Purchase medical equipment

Medical equipment for an animal hospital can be expensive – whether it is beds, tools, or surgical equipment, you can purchase high quality equipment for your clinic without investing your personal funds or compromising on quality.

Hire a team of vets and other staff

In the initial stages of setup, it may be difficult to hire a team of doctors, cleaners, and assistants as salary payment can be challenging. Cover the initial expenses by raising money for it online.

Promote the hospital

It’s crucial in this day and age to invest in a promotion/ advertising/ marketing strategy for your clinic (just like any other business), so that people know about your services. If you aren’t able to afford this investment, launching a crowdfunding campaign will surely be of help.

Treatment for stray animals

Like human doctors, vets too have a responsibility to give back to the community. Save lives of stray and voiceless animals by providing medical treatment, vaccinations, and medicines. These cost can be covered by an effective crowdfunding campaign where you request the online community to join in and contribute towards your noble initiative.

If you’re an aspiring vet or are looking to set up an animal hospital, start a crowdfunding India campaign with Impact Guru today!

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