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Dog Grooming Insurance

There’s no question that people are precious about their pets.  Pets often times can be very expensive.  And these pets can cause injury and damage.  It is critical that your dog grooming business has in place the correct kind of public liability insurance included in your dog groomers policy that will cover you in case you should accidentally injure or lose an animal whilst they are in your care – or if something should happen to an employee or customer.

Your customers place their trust in you with their beloved furry friends, and insurance must be a top priority in case something should go wrong.

Starting a Dog Grooming Business

Are you just starting out?  Then a core policy is best. This type of policy typically will include pet grooming public liability cover along with ’non-negligent’ cover and ‘care, custody & control’ cover.  These are the key things you will need when you obtain a dog grooming insurance policy.

Dog groomers insurance will provide flexible cover for both professional dog and cat groomers. ( yep, the kitty can be covered also) Cover is able to be arranged for both dog mobile groomers and those that have salon premises. This can include equipment cove, animals in transit, veterinary fees, employers’ and public liability and professional indemnity.  As grooming is an important element in your dogs health take time at least once per month to give your dog a good grooming from top to bottom

Non-negligent cover

Your policy should include non-negligent cover. This adds insurance should your customer suffer a loss, due to accidental injury, or the straying or theft of their pet, while you were looking after it, even though you are not under any legal liability to pay compensation.

The benefits of this type of cover are :

Veterinary fees that may be incurred following accidental injury to an animal that is in your care, custody or control.

The accidental death of an animal in your care, custody or control, that results from an injury.

The loss of an animal that is in your care, custody or control resulting from theft or straying of the animal when it is not found or returned within a seven day period.

Property damage cover

Insurance is also able to be arranged for clippers, tools, equipment and other property that is used in association with your Dog Grooming business.

If you find yourself working from permanent premises, owned or rented, insurance cover is available for the buildings, the fixed equipment and the contents. Business Interruption cover may also be added, so that you can protect your income should damage by an insured peril occur.

Household insurance

If you run an animal business from home, you should inform your household insurer because restrictions in cover might be imposed on you. If you fail to inform your insurer, they may invalidate your policy. With this in mind we have In situations such as this, it’s best to arrange a household policy that will cover owners that run an animal business from their home that’s subject only to the Public Liability cover for that business that is arranged on a separate policy.


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