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Exclusive Designer Dog Bowls for Your Pup

One of the most important accessories a dog parent should own is a dog bowl. The pet bowls are a part and parcel of a pet owner’s to buy list. The dogs will find a particular place to eat and maintain a proper routine. For the dog enthusiasts, the bowls are being fashioned in the best designs so that they can impart a style statement too. The dogs will also find the bowls very interactive and would love to have their food and water in them.

Exclusive Designer Dog Bowls

Finding the right designer dog bowls will also need a proper guidance too. Not every bowl can be fir for all the breeds. For an instance, the breeds with a larger snout will require a deeper bowl. The larger breeds will also need a raised platform where the bowls can be fit to aid them to feed properly.

To find such well fashioned designer bowls as per your requirement, you can visit Posh Puppies. The collection of designer bowls for the furry friends is excellent. The designer bowls come in various types as mentioned below.

  • Acrylic Bowls

The acrylic material used for making the bowl is quite a good choice. The bowls will be able to survive the wear and tear. Acrylic is also safer for the dogs to consume food in them.

  • Ceramic Bowls

This is a typical choice for the smaller breeds. The ceramic bowls are heavier than the usual ones. It means that the smaller breeds will be able to eat food without spilling or deforming the bowls in the long run. Ceramic bowls are a good choice when you want to make your interior look chic.

  • Auto Feeders

Welcome to the future. The auto feeders will eventually grab the market of the pet owners. It will be easier to dispense food to the furry ones even if you are not there. The auto feeders release food maintaining a particular time interval. The feeders come in various shapes and sizes. It will be a good addition to your pet accessories as you can feed your dog in your absence.

  • Elevated Platform

This is ideal for the larger breeds. The elevated platform is stable enough to withstand the enthusiasm of the dogs gobbling their food. The larger breeds will feel easier to have their food on the elevated platform without harming their neck. It is also a good option for the older dogs. The bone issues and old age prevent the senior dogs to eat food stooping down. These elevated feeders will ensure that the dogs can eat and drink with minimum hassle. The depth of the bowls can also be increased for the breeds with a larger snout.

  • Designer Stainless Bowls

The stainless designer dog bowls are ideal for the dogs who like to eat being mischievous. The material is sturdy enough. If deformed, it can be brought back to its normal shape.


The designer bowls from the latest collection are ideal for the dog lovers. Add the most suitable item as per your need and dispense the treats to your friend in a stylish way.

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