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Facts You Won T Like To Miss About The Ocicat

Would you like to have a pussycat looking like a wild cat that is both cuddly and playful? Well, that’s the Ocicat cat, a mascot that reminds the ocelot (hence its name), but which is ideal to live in a house and also in the company of other pets. Here we tell you all the details about this beautiful race created in the United States in the second half of the 20th century.

The Ocicat Is Born Of The Crossing Of Five Races

  • Siamese
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Oriental
  • Abyssinian
  • American Shorthair

The Ocicat Origin And History

Actually wanted Virginia Daly from the North American Berkeley to breed a Siamese with Abyssinian badges. The first throws actually resulted in litters with the desired badge. But there was also a little surprise among them: a magically gold-dotted male. The little one was christened Tonga and because his spotted coat did not fit into the concept, sold as a lover and castrated.

This would be the story of the house cat in jungle look actually over – would not there have been many cat lovers and the geneticist Dr. Clyde Keele. Tonga’s polka dots had caught her interest. So the matings between Siam and Abyssinians were repeated.

Tonga was out, but his parents made for more offspring and thus again (in the second generation) for kitties in polka outfit. Later, representatives of the breed American Shorthair were crossed to increase the color variety of the American newcomer and make them bigger. 23 years later, in 1987, the Ocicat was recognized as a breed in the US.

Today we present you the Ocicat, a loving and ideal pussycat to live inside a house, but with all the appearance of a wildcat. The ocelot cat is the result of the crossing of five races. In this way, an elegant, athletic animal with mottled fur and a lively, playful character was achieved, which coexists very well with children, the elderly and other pets.

Physical Characteristics Of Ocicat

Along with the Egyptian Mau and the Bengali, the Ocicat is one of the wildest-looking cat breeds. Among the physical characteristics of this ocelot cat, elegant and athletic, it should be noted:

  • Body: muscular, long and thin. Of robust bones
  • Weight: Between four and six kilos the males and between two and four the females.
  • Head: medium size, slightly triangular shape, and rounded contours. It is wider than long. The snout is short.
  • Eyes: large and oval. Some oblique, Of varied colors, except for blue!
  • Nose: broad and medium.
  • Ears: The Ocicat ears are long, straight and with some hairs like those of the lynx.
  • Paws: Muscular and strong. Of medium length.
  • Hair: short, fine, dense and silky.
  • Colors: black, chocolate, cinnamon, silver, blue and lilac (always in mottled patterns).

Balanced and active, the Ocicat is always willing to play and to receive pampering, since he is very attached and affectionate with his owners. Also, like any good pussycat, besides being very intelligent and curious, The Ocicat loves heights. The ideal is that you procure toys to your liking, to preserve the furniture and curtains of your house intact.

On the other hand, the fact that five breeds were used for its creation means that the animal does not present endogamic problems and that it is in good health. Bathe only when necessary, as the kittens are experts in grooming and always be splendid.

The Ocicat Appearance

The Ocicat is an athletic cat that is graceful and supple despite its strong physique. The ribcage should be deep with slightly arched ribs. The horizontal back rises slightly to the hind legs. The head is slightly wedge-shaped with well-developed cheeks and strong chin.

The medium-sized ears are always at attention. The widely spaced almond eyes look friendly. The ringed tail is medium strong and quite long, only slightly tapering and ends with a dark tip. At the tail tip, an ocicat should always have the darkest spot.

The Ocicat runs on medium-long powerful legs, which enables them to surprisingly high jumps. The paws are oval and compact with firm toes. Hangover is significantly stronger and bigger. The short, dense and smooth hair should shine silky. Thumbprint-sized spots are seen from all sides that differ well from the base color.

The face is wearing a tabby drawing. There are twelve color strokes, six inside and six without of silver. There are the spotted in black, blue, chocolate, lavender, cinnamon and fawn and all colors as silver variants.

The Ocicat Nature And Character

Keepers and breeders praise the character of the Ocicat as a successful blend between the lively and talkative Siamese and the wise, sociable and adaptable Abyssinian. So she should always feel like pranking and always come up with new tricks.

That she does not escape the attention of her surroundings, she provides with their own conversational. The Ocicat is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.

The Ocicat Attitude And Care

An Ocicat needs life around it; if she has to stay alone, she is unhappy. If their people do not have enough time for them, they absolutely need the company of other cats. Even with dogs, the Ocicat should easily make friends and feel comfortable in their tail-waving society.

The short coat of this cat breed is not very caring. Once a week old hair should be removed with a soft brush, since the Ocicat is very lively, it is well suited for free-wheeling.

The Ocicat Disease Susceptibility

The Ocicat enjoys stable health, breed-specific diseases are not yet known. Of course, this cat, like any other race, can contract infectious diseases. For the cat to stay healthy, it must be vaccinated against cat flu and epidemic every year. If the Ocicat has a freewheel, it also needs a vaccine against rabies and leucosis.

Lastly, In any case, as with any pet, you must provide adequate and quality food. Also, do not forget to comply with the vaccination and deworming calendar. And again, take the Ocicat to the veterinarian on a regular basis for routine monitoring.

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