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Four Reasons Your New Puppy Needs Pet Insurance

Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs with high energy and a lot of loyalty to their owners, and introducing a new puppy to your home is among one of the best things to in the world. While they are adorable and sweet, they also come at a bit of a price. After the obligatory adoption fee, crate, puppy pads, toys, food, and other essentials, you also must take him or her to the vet regularly for vaccinations and more. In addition to spaying or neutering costs, your new puppy is likely going to eat something he or she should not or he or she could have an underlying condition you have not yet discovered. Therefore, pet insurance is a big help when caring for your new puppy.


Lower Premiums

Although you can buy a policy for a dog of any age and health condition, premiums are far lower when you get started early when he or she is still a puppy. The sooner you buy him or her a policy, the lower the price you must pay, and it will save you tens of thousands over the course of your puppy’s life. In fact, golden retrievers are at high risk for certain health issues that some other breeds do not have as much trouble with, making pet insurance all the more important now rather than later.

Health Risks Associated with the Breed

Golden retriever pet insurance is put in place to help owners face the likely health issues with fewer frustrations and less harm on their budgets. For example, these beautiful and loving dogs have a fairly high chance of developing cancer as they age, which can take more than $10,000 to diagnose and treat. Pet insurance covers up to 80% of this cost, making it possible for you to choose which options are best for your dog rather than your budget.

Other conditions such as hip dysplasia, which is the partial or complete fusion of the hip bones, are a fairly high risk in purebred dogs. Treatment for this is not nearly as costly as cancer, but it can still total in the thousands, causing a lot of financial stress on a household without help. With all of these frightening numbers, it might surprise you to learn that fewer than 3% of dog owners choose to take out policies. Most commonly, this is due to a lack of knowledge about the policies and what they cover, and there is some stigma around buying insurance for a pet.


However, your new puppy is just as much a member of your household as your human children, making it important that you keep him or her healthy and happy. The right treatments will ensure that he or she lives a long life by your side and the insurance you buy for him or her will help you save a great deal of money along the way. Although risks for certain issues are higher than in some other dogs, it is not guaranteed that you will be faced with such bills during his or her lifetime. Pet insurance is there to help with the small and large bills alike, helping you to save money where it counts and give your dog the love and care that he or she deserves.

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