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How Often Should You Vacuum Your Home With Pets

Pets bring endless joy to your home, but along with their unconditional love, they also bring extra housework. The reality of owning a pet is that you’ll need to vacuum more frequently than those without animals. Finding a good pet vacuum is the first step and sites like How To Clean Almost Anything have thorough reviews on the best vacuums for pet hair, but once you’ve got a good vacuum, how often should you use it?

How Frequently Should You Vacuum?

It would be nice to be able to give a clear answer to this question that would suit every pet owner, but in reality it varies for every home. Some homes have multiple pets, some have high shedding dogs while others have a single low shedding cat. If your animals live indoors you’ll obviously need to vacuum much more frequently that those who have pets that mostly live outside.

As a guide, homes with indoor animals that shed a lot will need to vacuum main living areas accessed by their dog or cat on a daily basis. If you’ve got a low shedding dog or cat then you may get away with weekly vacuums.

Why You Need To Vacuum More Regularly

Pet owners need to vacuum more regularly for several reasons. The most obvious reasons are that dog or cat hair is unsightly and can cause allergies for many people. It is also important for reducing the likelihood of flea infestations and also keeping animal smells at bay. Pet owners often become immune to the smell of their animals so even though you may not be able to smell them, visitors likely can.

What About Pet Beds?

Pet beds should be vacuumed and washed at least weekly to help prevent fleas and unpleasant odors. Leave them to dry naturally in the sun to help kill any nasties and get rid of stains. Ideally you should wash your pets bed separately to your other laundry. Take the bed outside and shake thoroughly then give it a quick vacuum before placing it in the wash. Choose a hot cycle to kill any germs or parasites.

Cleaning Your Vacuum

In addition to vacuuming your home regularly, you should also empty and clean your vacuum frequently. Pet hair can accumulate in brushes and dust holders and risk damage to your vacuum as well as reduce it’s effectiveness. Frequent cleaning of your vacuum can also help reduce pet odors.

If you take the time to thoroughly vacuum your home while also keeping your pets beds hygienic and your vacuum clean you’re well on the way to a healthy, happy, odor free pet home!

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