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How To Add Natural Fibre To A Dog’s Diet 

Adding fibre to dog’s diet is important for keeping your pet’s digestive tract clean and healthy. Adding fibre is the best natural remedy for dogs to prevent the attack of diarrhoea and constipation also. If your dog has gained extra weight, adding more fibre in its diet will help you to control his risk of becoming obese. But the most important point is how to add natural fibre to your dog’s diet that is good to eat, easy to make, and preferably not synthetic.

Add sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are full of natural fibre. You can bake or boil sweet potatoes and mesh than in a pulp. Then add 1-2 teaspoon of the mashed potato in the dog’s diet. You can mix it with a regular meal or feed him separately.  This sweet vegetable is an excellent source of natural fibre for dogs.

Add steamed green beans

Green beans are an excellent source of natural fibre. You can add steamed beans in your dog’s diet, which you should offer him after his work-out session. You can add steamed carrot also in the meal but with moderation. Excessive consumption of fibres may cause a loose bowel movement in a dog, which is again not good for health.

Add whole grain foods in your pet’s diet

Adding whole grain foods in your dog’s diet is another sure shot way to supply extra natural fibre for him. For example, you can add bran flakes, cooked oats, or millet in your pet’s diet. This is a good way to add some nutrients in his food for boosting his growth and immunity.

You can offer him some fruits

Natural fruits are some good examples of foods you can add to your dog’s diet. Now you may be in the confusion that what fruits can dogs eat? There are many fiber-rich fruits that dogs love to eat and vets also prefer to add them in dog’s diet if the animal needs an extra supply of natural fibre. For example, banana, apple, water apple, watermelon etc. are some fruits you can add in moderate quality to your dog’s diet.

These are some of the reliable sources of foods for adding natural fibre in your dog’s diet. However, it is always wise to consult a vet expert before you add extra fibre to your dog’s diet. Thorough inspection about age, health, and body weight of the dog has to be done before planning a health-safe fiber-rich diet for your pet.


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