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How to Choose the Right Cat Bed for Your Furry Friend

Cats are very specific about their resting place. They do not choose a random location in your house to snuggle. In fact, they like also do not like any interference in their comfort zone either. This is why you need to buy a cat bed for your companion and make him or her feel extremely cozy. The proud cat parents need to make a perfect choice. Choose the right bed for your kitty’s private place. All you need to know is the range of designs available in the online stores.

Types of Cat Beds

Knowing the preference of your feline friend will enable you to make a perfect choice. The list of cat beds mentioned below will aid you in this process.

  • Igloo Beds

This is the most trending design of the luxury cat beds that is preferred by the proud parents of the felines. As described by the name, these designer beds look like an adorable igloo. The material used for making this type of bed is plush fabric. The softness of this bed will compel you cat to live your side and enjoy a quality time resting. There are various types of patterns and colors available in this segment. This is the perfect choice to keep the cats warm in the chilling winter.

  • Basket Bed

A basket bed is made of wicker or any other sturdy material with a cozy spongy mattress in it. The cats will be able to snuggle on the basket and curl to become cozy. The mattress provides an extra layer of insulation for the chilling days. This is a hand-woven basket bed for the furry friend that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

  • Round Luxury Beds

This is the fluffy version of the beds that are very popular among the feline parents. The material used to make these beds is fleece or velvet. Needless to say, the beds are very comfortable and come in beautiful designs. The beds also have a high sidewall with a sunken center. It will make a perfect place to snuggle for the cats.

  • Lounge Beds

This is a typical bed format for the cats that prefer a high top or the windowsills. This is not ideal for the winter season but a perfect choice for the soothing summer days. The cats will love to watch through the window sitting on the bed comfortably.

  • Radiator Beds

This is a typical hanging bed for the cats that can be easily fixed with the radiator. The radiator will keep the pawed friend cozy and warm. The beds can also be hanged from any surface. This type of design fits well with the adventurous ones.

Making the Right Choice

The cat beds available in the online stores are manufactured maintaining the standards for the pets. The material used does not impart any harm to the pet. There are many other options to avail in the store. Find out what your cats like the most and make a choice accordingly. Give the fur-ball a perfect surprise.

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