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How to choose your cat’s food

Cats are excellent pets, independent, curious and affectionate; they are animals that, like any other, require a lot of care to be healthy. And one of the most important aspects to consider is their diet, but what should we consider to choose the ideal food for the feline? In this post, we explain how to choose cat food and thus guarantee the nutrition and health of your pet.

Forget about feeding your cat with your food

One aspect that is important to consider when choosing cat food is that these animals should not, under any circumstances, eat the same as us. You should not give your cat your leftovers as they might be toxic for your pet.

Attentive to ingredients

There are ingredients that should not be present in a cat food, as they could harm the health of your pet. When choosing cat food, look at the ingredients and make sure that:

• Do not contain preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT because they could become carcinogenic to the cat. You can find the safe ones if you click on www.zoo-bio.co.uk. Ensure that the percentage of cereal with which the food is made is not too high, because this means that the food is not of high quality.
• That, preferably, in the list of ingredients is identified the animal from which it comes and with which the feed has been prepared. It is not the same “of animal origin” as of meat or fish. The more explicit the ingredients are, the more certain you are that you are giving your cat a good feed.
• Meat or fish should be the main ingredient of your cat’s food, not cereals, flours or other compounds.
• Fats must also be identified well indicating which animal they belong to. Similarly avoid feed containing animal derivatives because they are not suitable protein for the cat.

The humidity of cat food

We know that cats are not very fond of drinking water, which in the medium term can cause important kidney problems. All this is due to the type of food we give our cat. The feed that we normally acquire has an average of only 8% humidity, which means that the cat has to compensate for this lack of liquid by ingesting water; the problem is that this animal is not a water drinker.

In this case it is very important that the cat food we choose is as moist as possible. Canned food is a great ally in this regard, but it is also true that it is much more expensive. That is why it is advisable to buy a quality feed for your cat that contains as much liquid as possible, and add a little water when serving it to moisten the croquettes. You will see how, once your cat gets used to it, he will have less need to drink water and will be healthier.

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