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How to setup a Bunny Cage

Attention, all bunny enthusiasts! For those who have just become a dog rabbit, then you’re well-aware there are many factors which come to taking good proper care of your brand-new, pet.

Obviously, there is the facet of supplying it good, nutritious food, water that is clean, toys, not to mention, plenty of love and a focus however, what many pet proprietors don’t know is the fact that choosing the best cage, in addition to properly configuring it, is essential for that safety and well-being of the button-nosed companion. That’s the reason within this publish, we will give you one step-by-step guide regarding how to look for, in addition to setup, the very best bunny cage for the rabbit, effortlessly and precision. Forget about hairy situations! Let us get began.


Before you decide to setup your cage…

  1. Choose your cage!

Probably the most apparent (and many important) factor is to get the best type of cage for the bunny friend. While hutches are great for keeping several rabbit, they’re big and high, in addition to not appropriate for putting inside. Cages be more effective suited to the home, but they are meant like a temporary spot for your dog to consume and sleep in, particularly if you would like it to roam round the family area (supervised, obviously).

Another factor to think about when choosing your cage may be the size, based on the number of rabbits you’ve. It’s also asked to get wired cages to permit better air flow, in addition to a urine guard round the sides, as rabbits have a tendency to spray when urinating.

How to setup your bunny cage:

  1. Line the cage with bedding.

If the cage’s bottom consists of wire or wood, you will have to pay for it with bedding to keep the top nice soft for the pet just to walk on. Straw or hay work nicely, however, many proprietors opt for the previous, because it provides heat during the cold months and it is safe when your rabbit choose to gnaw on it. Pack a minimum of 5 to 6 inches of bedding in to the cage, and place-fix it daily. Change the entire bedding at least one time per week.


  1. Top-up the cat litter box.

Much like using the bedding, your bunny’s cat litter box must be full of lining. The very best products for el born area are newspaper pieces, litter, and straw. Layer these products within the order pointed out, and make certain the litter you use is particularly for rabbits, as other forms may be dangerous for your small friend. Alter the hay daily, and all of those other cat litter box every week.

  1. Provide water and food.

With regards to live show for the rabbit, hay is really a victorious one: it’s versatile as cage bedding, as well as for nourishment. Grass is another common area of the diet, and supplying fresh vegetables and fruit daily can help complete your dog’s daily diet.

For water, make certain you buy a canned sipper, rather of the water bowl, as it can certainly easily fall over or be utilized for a cat litter box rather. Alter the water daily to help keep it nice and clean for the pet to consume from.

  1. Provide your bunny toys to experience with.

Obviously, you can’t continually be around to experience with your canine friend that’s the reason supplying a few toys will help to keep it entertained, in addition to stopping it from eating on other objects, like the cage or perhaps telephone cords. Bits of apple or celery double perfectly as food and toy, but other products for example card board or toy balls is going to do, too. There’s you don’t need to purchase bunny-specific toys at the shop when it can be done yourself in your own home!

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