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How to surprise your parents on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is without doubt one of the best times of the year to enjoy the warmth of a family. It’s a time to leave work and every other distraction just to enjoy the company of your parents and every other member of your extended family.

No place like home you know, and there is no better way to enjoy the goodness of Thanksgiving than spending time with your parents. How about making this year’s Thanksgiving Day different, doing something you have probably never done in the past Thanksgiving days. Sure, there are so many things you can do to make this year’s Thanksgiving Day a memorable one, pulling a surprise on your parents won’t be so much of a bad idea.

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Everybody loves surprises –especially the good ones. When you go online, you will see stories of Military Men who decided to surprise their parents by coming home on Thanksgiving Day after several years. But you don’t have to be in the Military to pull a pleasant surprise on your parents. Here are some intuitive ways to surprise members of your family, with your parents in particular this coming Thanksgiving day.

  1. Be the first to say grace

There is no denying that the habit of saying grace has been long lost in our modern and fast paced society. But Thanksgiving Day is all about –well, Thanksgiving. It is a time to express gratitude to your maker, and so grace must be said before anyone eats from the table. So if it’s been long since you last said grace, give your parents a little surprise by being the first to say grace this Thanksgiving.

  1. Announce your Pregnancy on Thanksgiving Day

There is nothing that gladdens the heart than the welcoming of a new member of the family. Imagine the joy that will light your parents’ face when you announce your pregnancy. Excite and surprise them at the same time this Thanksgiving day by announcing your pregnancy.\

  1. Take over the kitchen from your mom

Traditionally, moms are the ones that prepare Thanksgiving meals. Volunteer to do the meals this time around. But this could be a tricky one -your mom may not be comfortable with the idea of you doing the cooking. The best thing to do here is to be the first to get busy in the kitchen. Even if she isn’t comfortable with you doing the cooking, she will definitely welcome your assistance.

  1. Say “Thank You” in Many Languages

You sure want to express gratitude to your parents for a nice Thanksgiving Day meal. But you will want to do it in a unique and surprising way. To do this, buy a set of place cards, just enough to go round the table. Then write “Thank You” in different languages beneath the card, pass round after the Thanksgiving meal.

  1. Do more of listening when conversing with your parents

It is easy to take sides when conversing when conversing with parents on national issues. The result is always arguments which are to a very large extent undesirable. This Thanksgiving, surprise your parent, especially your dad by doing more of listen when he talks about political or national issues. The gift of attentive listening is precious, give it freely this Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Gift them

Although money does not buy happiness but it is necessary to convey your emotions through gifts. You can try a number of gifts right from a greetings’ card to buying a pet for your parents. Show your attachment to them and this will be the most precious gift that you can deliver to your parents.


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