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How to train a Shih Tzu

Today, we will be discussing how to train a Shih Tzu as it’s important to know ins and outs before bringing it home because you definitely not like to get everything messed up in your room and everywhere in your home. No doubt, your Shih Tzu do have some serious attractive looks but when it comes to training, it really becomes a difficult task, usually. Shih Tzu is one of the cutest and fluffiestcreatures on earth and acts best as your family member, not just a pet. Well initially, potty training a Shih Tzu can be frustrating but it doesn’t mean to punish or to use harsh ways to train. Things will get better soon by having a glance at this professional guide.

How to train a Shih Tzu?

There are lots of ways to train Shih Tzu butthe important thing to keep in mind is that in which way ‘you’ think you can train your Shih Tzu. So, let’s get started with this commonly experienced techniques.

  • Choose the Right Place

It is important to pick one place whether it’s inside or outside. Well, try to pick an outside point to let your dog eliminate there but most of the people don’t have quick access to the outside due to apartments or condos. But the thing is to be consistent with the location of elimination.

  • Command him in your own way!

When your Shih Tzu signs of elimination, quickly get him to his elimination site and command him to “Go potty” or something like that every time when you bring him to his place. Be patient and stay there with your dog at the spot and continue to command until your dog start doing his business.After getting free, praise him by patting or giving him something to eat. It will show you how to train a Shih Tzu with respect because it’s not that easy and it will indicate your dog that he has done something good so next time, he will remember that same scenario i.e. same location and same command and he will let everything go!

  • Make Schedules and Manage Time!

This is not possible to be with your dog every time so here are some special events after which mostly dogs go for elimination. Mostly, after playing, sleeping, eating and drinking, dogs feel to go for their personal time. These are the points when you can manage your time to be with him to take him to the right location for peeing and pooping. Due to a smaller size, Shih Tzu has smaller bladder and that’s why after 1.5 or 2 hours they need to go for elimination. So, keep in mind these timings and manage your time to avoid any type of accident within your home.

  • Common Problems while training.

The first and the most common problem is of nighttime. Puppies can’t usually sleep at nights and often need to go for elimination and obviously, you can’t wakeup in the middle of the night to bring him outside for elimination. So, try to feed your Shih Tzu early in the evening and bring him outside several times before going to bed. It can help a lot in restricting their behavior. So, I think all these solutions of the problems are manageable can exclusively be included in the context of how to train a Shih, Tzu.

The other problem is ofbad weather condition. Your puppy now has asense where to play, where to eat and where to eliminate but because of the bad weather condition, he can’t go outside. This problem usually occurs for those owners who always used to let their dogs eliminate outside. Well, pads and litter boxes can be helpful for temporary usage. Don’t praise him after he eliminates on pads within your house because you don’t want him to always pee and poop on it. So, be conscious with that.

These were some helpful tips on how to train a Shih Tzu and all of the above-mentioned techniques are well-experienced and are helpful. Things may or may not work in every case so be patient and try to understand your puppy’s nature. Don’t get frustrated from the accidents, it’s the part of the game.


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