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Maine Coon cats and their distinguished characteristics

Humans have always shown their affection for animals and had kept them as their pets from a long time, but amongst many animals that humans tamed and pet, dogs and cats have been the most favorite species. Even in species like dogs and cats, there are many different breeds. While in dogs, there are certain breeds that have made into peoples’ favorite breed, Maine coon cats are that one breed that is loved worldwide.

Maine coon cats are often referred as Maine’s national cat. The cat breed is one of the most popular breeds in the region of the North America, and this made the cats got their name from the place of the of their origin. The history states that these cats belong to the ancient era, and there have been many myths associated with them. The best part is that this breed is not mated with any other breed, and thus, it is the most natural and oldest cat in America.

The Maine Coon Characteristics are something that makes this breed amazing and one of the most favorite cats. Let us trace some of the peculiar characteristics that are only associated with Maine coon cats.


One of the defining characteristics of Maine coon cats is their ears. Their ears are wide and large, and long tufts come out of them and tuft with lynx-life on their lips. Their ears are nowhere less than the word “adorable.”


The eyes of these cats can be of varied colors like green, copper, and gold. A white colored cat might have odd or blue colored eyes.


Their face always has a wild expression which goes adverse to their actual behavior.


The Maine coon cat’s body size is always considered to be an important factor. They are the big cats, and the male usually has weight around 13 to 18 pounds and the females 9 to 12 pounds. Many times, it has been seen or heard that these cats have weighed up to 30 pounds.


The fur of cats is often a great concern and when talking about Maine coon cats, then their thick fur has often termed as “shag.” Their fur is long and soft. The fur on their neck has termed as “ruff,” and it resembles the lion’s mane and adds charms to the overall personality of the cat.

Apart from these, there are many other characteristics that make this breed the most amazing one.


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