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Pet Insurance: What coverage can I choose?

Pet Insurance is becoming more frequent and that 1 in 4 Spanish households have a pet dog.

What are pet insurance?

Consist safe for cats, dog’s insurance company that guarantee, from the value of animals in the event of accidental death or theft, until veterinary care for accident or illness, or stay in a kennel; also including liability coverage for its owner. From here you can discover more and learn about pet insurance as well as many helpful tips that you should to follow.

Who is targeted by the pet insurance?

Owners of Pets (dogs and cats) and working dogs.

-Animal owners of high value for breeding and / or participating in competitions and exhibitions.

The best coverage to protect your pet


Basic option

Accidents:  If your pet has an accident, we pay the costs of veterinary care, including consultations, drugs, diagnostic tests, surgeries, etc. In addition, compensation is included in the value of the animal in case of death or slaughter.

Theft:  As if this fact could happen, you indemnified with the value of the animal in case it is stolen, according to the limits set by the policy.

Old age, incurable illness or accident:  If that time comes, you ‘d credit the expenses incurred for the slaughter and disposal of the remains of old age, illness or accident.

Stay in kennels:  For its owner has not worry if you are hospitalized, we take care of your pet care, so you reimburse the cost of staying in a residence or canine center of free choice.

Legal defense:  assume your legal aid (lawyers, court fees, experts, etc.) by the facts that might result from holding pets.

Extended option. It includes the entire above plus, optionally:

Veterinary care for illness and accident:

Here is a Network of Veterinary Collaborating Centers which has covered at no cost on your part, the costs of consultation, diagnostics tests, hospitalization and veterinary expenses homecare among others. And if you prefer to go to places no partners, we will reimburse 80% of expenses, up to the limit established by the policy.

Coverage for the owner

Liability Coverage (optional Procurement)

For your protection even more complete with the Companion Animal sure we take care of bodily injury, property or harm your animal may have caused to others, including their legal defense and bail following charges may occur. This can be especially useful if owning a dog of certain breeds considered potentially dangerous. You can hire this coverage both Basic Option as with the Expanded.

Service hot line

With just one call, we offer you a team of professionals to provide you all the information you need, whether about care of your pet, kennels, hotels pets welcome, contests, legislation on pets, veterinary practices, etc.

What are the penalties for leaving pets?

According to a study by the Affinity Foundation, about 16 dogs and cats are abandoned every hour in Spain. Since there is no state law on the matter, each Autonomous Community regulates the crime at its discretion. Most choose to categorize the offense severity. Of course, the animal abandonment is itself a serious or very serious in almost all communities’ crime.

Fines for abandoning pets, according Autonomous Community

Andalusia: It is considered a very serious offense and the fine ranges between 2,001 and 30,000 Euros

Aragon: Abandoning animals is a felony, and the fine ranges from 601 to 6010 Euros

Asturias: This law defines the animal abandonment as one case in which you lose or misplace an animal and not to the competent authorities within 48 hours communicate. Depending on the cases and spice, the fine may vary between 3,005 to 90,151 Euros. If it is a pet or a wild animal held in captivity, the only crime is serious and the fine, inferior. It moves between 601 and 3,005 Euros.

Balearic Islands: Abandonment reiterated the animal will not severe, with fines of 300-1502 Euros. If abandonment is reiterated, it will be penalized with fines of 1,502 to 15,025 Euros.

Canary: With penalties of between 1502-15025.

Cantabria: The Protection of animals not only qualifies Cantabrian serious animal neglect, but also has them in “Unhealthy or unhealthy places.” It also has the distinction to differentiate between minor, less serious and very serious offenses, with fines ranging from 1,502 Euros to 6,010 Euros.

Catalonia: To bounce in which the animal has not been exposed to any danger, the penalty, which would go from 401 to 2,000 Euros, would be typical of a felony; if during the abandon the animal could suffer serious damage, the value of the fine would fluctuate between 2,001 to 20,000 Euros.

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