• Sunday , 21 January 2018

Protecting Your Budget with Pet Insurance


It probably will not surprise you to learn that only 4 percent of dog owners and 1 percent of cat owners choose to purchase a pet insurance policy. What may surprise you is the fact that pet insurance covers up to 80 percent of the bill when your pet needs to visit the vet. With such a huge percentage of that cost remaining in your pocket, it hardly makes sense that so many choose not to utilise this crucial resource. That said, there are many ways it can be a valuable asset to have, and after taking all of the potential benefits into account, it’s probably time for you to take out a policy.

Age Does Not Matter

You can take out a pet insurance policy on your pet at any stage in their life, meaning any dog or cat you own is capable of receiving this help. That said, it is a good idea to get your pet a policy when they are still very young, as you never know when they might experience a serious injury, develop an illness, or fall victim to someone’s negative actions. Similar to the health insurance policies offered to humans, you essentially pay a little now to save a great deal later.

Sudden Illness

Your cat or dog is just as susceptible to disease as you are, and they can be affected by the same type of issues, such as heart disease, upper respiratory infections, and more. With specialised pet insurance, such as pug pet insurance, you can choose a policy that is designed to help not only your pet, but also your pet’s specific breed. Pugs are a beautiful, hearty breed, but they are known to have breathing issues due to their short snouts. By choosing pet insurance geared towards their specific health issues, you can choose what is best for their treatment rather than what is best for your wallet.

Illness Can Happen at Any Stage

Pets can get hurt or fall ill at any stage in their life, and certain circumstances can cause them to be more likely to develop certain issues. For example, indoor cats are more likely to develop diabetes during their adult lives, whereas purebred dogs are susceptible to getting hip dysplasia. Puppies and kittens are curious by nature, and they may chew on or eat something they shouldn’t, or they can get attacked by a larger animal. You can never forecast when you might find yourself facing a large veterinary bill, which is why pet insurance should always be a part of your monthly budget.

Handling the Emergencies

Any pet owner, especially those with multiple pets, will tell you that keeping your pet healthy is a chore in and of itself, but a sudden emergency can bring about thousands in medical bills. For example, your dog may find a weak spot in your fencing and wander out of the yard. Along the way, they might meet an unfriendly snake or get struck by a car, and treatment for such injuries can add up very quickly. Pet insurance will cover up to 80 percent of qualified expenses, and it allows you to choose your pet’s veterinarian. Therefore, having pet insurance is not only crucial when you want to own a pet (or multiple pets), but it might also save you from financial ruin.

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