• Thursday , 22 August 2019

Quick tips to follow for Our Fit Pets

Pets do play an important role in one’s life. Those who are animal lover understand what it really means to take care of a puppy, a kitten, or even a senior dog. These pets are just like our family members and when they sneeze or get sick, it is one different anxiety feeling that we get. Here are some of the best tips for our fit pets that can help your pet stay healthy in the long run and your visits to vet eventually would be just once a year that too for a regular checkup and not so often for other reasons.

Tips to take care of your new Pup:

For those who have recently adopted a new pup would be excited about what things shall be done and how to take care of such sweet pup. But hang on! There are some important things you need to know. Understand that your pup needs extra attention than that of a senior dog. Chewing or say a teething period is the most crucial one when your pup might want to eat anything. At such time, for our fit pets, you need to give them something that would be healthy for them.

Things that you must not give your Pup:

Remember, the teething period of pups is just like that of the baby humans. This can last for at least next 7 months of the pup age.  At times, your pup may experience gum bleeding, pain and swelling as well. That is just a symptom for which your pup may try to chew the fabric or pillow or anything made of plastic. At such time, you must avoid giving your kid’s toys, or even anything made from plastic, wood or fiber, which can prove to be choking hazards for your pet.

The best option:

You may find the pet’s toys made of rubber an efficient resource but the fact is it can be harmful too. The right option is to give the well-cooked bone that will do wonders. A cooked bone when becomes smoother can actually become easy to digest and does not cause any kind of harm or risk to the teeth or gum of your pup.

Follow the above things and try to divert the mind of your dog in the best possible manner. After all, to take care of this young lad is as important as taking care of a human baby.

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