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Simple Review of the Pure Balance Dry Dog Food

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The pure balance dog food product line of dog food includes 3 dry dog foods. Each recipe comprises its linked AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage.

Dry food

These 3 dry foods include

  • Chicken & Brown Rice (A)
  • Lamb & Brown Rice (3 stars) (A)
  • Small Breed Chicken & Brown Rice (A)

This review was done on the Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice.


Pure Balance is a brand you have probably seen at the local food mart. This is a review of the Pure Balance dog food giving you information so that you can make a decision that is informed when it comes to your special family member.

The Pure Balance dog food line is an average one regarding the ingredients used. It contains many common ingredients except for a few ones that are notable.

The kibble is a good high-quality for owners looking for cheap but whole some dog food for your little friend.

The average macros on this food are a bit above-average but, that depends on line to line. So, you will have to investigate them for a better estimate. This dog food also contains a reasonable amount of meat on average.

This premium dog food brand is available in different stores all over the country but, you can find them on some online stores as well for a little cheaper price.

This variety of premium dog food includes simple and healthy foods made from premium components at a reasonable and budget-friendly price. The line offers grain-free as well as grain-complete foods.

The really great thing about this brand name is that they do not use wheat, soy, or corn which is fantastic.

Good dog food for the money – excellent product – good for the dog and a bargain for the owners.

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