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Taking Your Pet on the Family Vacation? Awesome! Set these Three Times Aside Just For Them

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The best of the best of kennels and pet hotels simply cannot compare to the pleasure and love your pet will get when you take them along on the family vacation. You’ll avoid separation anxiety and potential loneliness for both of you. While you’re planning special activities for the human family members, plan a few special times for your pet.

1) Time to Play

Especially when confined to the back seat on extended road trips, your pet needs time to stretch its legs, run, romp, and play just like they do at home. Long periods of confinement can strain the best of us. Short periods of fresh air, exercise, and freedom can turn a long road trip into a smooth ride for the whole family.

2) Time to Rest

Make sure you pet has a carrier, travel bed, or pet mat so they can rest comfortably on the road. They’ll probably enjoy brief periods of alone time that carriers can provide. Long trips with constant petting, chatter, and stimulation can actually leave your pet overly stimulated and anxious. 

3) Time to Mingle

One of the major benefits of a road trip is the ability to move at your own pace. While you’re taking one of those breaks we mentioned above, schedule a trip or two to a dog park or other play area where your pet can run and play with new fur friends. Just like you enjoy meeting new friends on vacation, your pet will enjoy it, too.

Your pets will get the most out of your family vacation when you make these important times a part of the fun. They’ll be safer and happier on the road with your family than they would be in a kennel. A few slight adjustments and your fur baby will be road ready when you are. Simplify the journey with a few simple pet products from www.keypetsupplies.com that make sure your pet is happy, care-free, and ready for fun.

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