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Things To Know Before Buying A Puppy For Your Home!

If you have decided to bring a puppy home, the next step is to find reliable breeders and kennels in your area. Before making the final choice, you have to consider a few things. In this post, we have enlisted the best tips and ideas for prospective dog owners.

Choose a kennel wisely

Many online stores offer puppies for sale Boca Raton. It is important to look for kennels that follow breeding standards and have a good name in the market. You can read reviews from other pet owners on search engines and social media sites for a better idea. However, what works best is a personal visit. Getting a dog is a long-term commitment, so you might want to visit the kennel to find breeds that suit your expectations, energies, and needs.  For example, if you are looking for a guard dog to protect your home while you are at work, you should be looking at breeds like GSDs and Labradors.

Consider puppy-proofing the house

Puppies are full of energy, and they like to eat, sniff and chew things out of curiosity. Take a look around the house to know if there’s a need to remove a few furniture items, gadgets, trash cans and other edible stuff. Even human foods like onion, alcohol, and chocolates are bad for puppies, and you need to ensure complete safety for the pooch before arrival. If you have staircases at home, consider getting a few customized barriers to restrict movements.

Training is essential

Dog training can be a rewarding experience for the pet and owner alike. While you can always rely on an experienced trainer for basic training, practice is the key to successful results. Puppies learn every fast, and you don’t need to try hard to toilet-train and teach the major commands. However, consistency is extremely essential, and you need to make time on a regular basis. Start training as soon as the puppy comes home and follow a strict routine for the first four weeks.

Buy the basics

Your puppy needs special food, toys, and a bed. While buying a puppy, ask the trainer/kennel to offer food recommendations. Small puppies tend to chew a lot, so you need bones, chewy toys, and treats. A beautiful bed is also worth buying, especially if you want to restrict the use of sofas, beds and other furniture. Create a cozy corner for the pooch, so as to create the right atmosphere for training. To get the best deals on such supplies, check online. Besides the mentioned things, you can buy other things like a leash, collar, collar tags, vests and winter clothing. Small pups tend to pee frequently, so you might want to keep a few extra clothes handy.

A pup can change the overall energy and ambiance of the house. If you have made your mind, talk to the other family members, because training and monitoring often require more attention than most pet owners think. Check online to find the best dogs for sale!

Author Bio – Luke Durante is a dog behavior expert, with years of experience in training different breeds. He is also an author and blogger by profession.

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