• Thursday , 23 November 2017

Things You Should Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

Many dog owners are wondering what they should do if their dog bites someone. A dog biting someone could be one of the horrible things to imagine. Not only because someone will get seriously injured, but also because the pup could be taken away from the owner. That’s why every dog lover should know what to do if their dog bites someone.

Stay Calm

It is important to remain calm and to not argue with the victim because it might cause the dog to attack the victim again. The victim might make a decision to hire a lawyer or not to sue the owner for the damages.

Call for Medical Assistance

Get the victim an immediate medical attention. It is necessary to check and treat the bite mark. If the owner wants to have a fair settlement, he or she should offer to pay the medical bills of the victim.

Search for the Dog’s Medical Records

Have a copy of the dog’s medical records which includes rabies shots and provide it to the victim. It will make them confident knowing that they won’t have any rabies.

Seek Legal Advice

There are many reasons why dog owners might need to seek legal advice from expert animal attack attorneys:

  • The bite drew blood
  • The victim asks for money
  • If they think the dog have a disease or illness
  • The police contacts them
  • If they believe that the victim have plans on pressing charges
  • They think that they might face some criminal consequences


If someone’s dog bites someone, they will probably find themselves upset and worried. In most cases, a dog owner can easily avoid the dog from biting someone by taking proper safety measures. However, dogs are sometimes triggered to bite someone, so it is best to know what to do if the dog bites.


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