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Top Care Tips For Your Bulldog Puppies

Now when you have decided to bring home a cute English bulldog puppy, it’s time you should learn how to make him groomed and familiarize with your home so that the fur baby can quickly get accustomed to you and your family members and feel always safe.

Show the puppy its bed

Once the puppy has entered your home, allow him to roam all around so that it can sniff and get familiar with the premise. Do not allow the baby to chew anything that is hard and dangerous for his soft gum. When he will be little accustomed with the surrounding, show him the bed where he will be sleeping whenever he will feel tired. Keep the bed near your bed so that if the baby feels scared at night, you can always take care of him.

Later on, give me soft dog’s chewing toy to keep him entertained.

Feed the baby

There are different types of foods available in pet stores that are ideally best food for English bulldogs and puppies, but you need to take initial instruction from the breeder from where you have got the puppy. For first 7-10 days, you need to feed the puppy the same food he was used to in the kennel so that he feels secured and he can be free from the risk of flatulence.

Do the vet check up immediately

Check the age of the puppy from the breeder and get the information if the deworming is done. Also take the details of vaccination from the breeder, so that you can plan it with your vet. Meanwhile, get the puppy completely checked by your vet and get the prescribed medicines for him so that his growth and bone development gets at par.

Bulldog puppies are prone to have sluggish physical growth and they are prone to suffer from chronic flatulence, which may cause health discomfort. Give the puppy regular medicine to avoid any recurring health problem.

Trivia of English bulldog puppies’ health care:

You need to take care of these following issues at regular basis to keep your English bulldog puppy hale and hearty:

  • Examine and clean the ears of the puppy at regular interval,
  • Take adequate skin- care so that the puppy does not get attacked by steaks
  • Brush your puppy’s teeth every day
  • Groom the fur baby at regular interval with brushing, dry bath, etc.

When you feel that your fur baby is healthy and it has adjusted well to your home and other members, gradually you need to start obedience training.

These are the basic tips you should care about for grooming your English bulldog puppy. With your care, love, and attention the puppy will soon become a healthy adult dog and your best friend till its last breath.


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