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Wet Versus Dry Food for Dogs

The debate about dog food will probably never end; each side has its adherents that refuse to compromise their positions. With that being said, this article will attempt to explain the different advantages and disadvantages of each kind of food. Each type of food has significant reasons why its fans are strong supporters. There are also some reasons why its detractors are so adamantly opposed. In truth, your best plan is probably a combination of dry food and wet food. Your dog will likely be the biggest fan of wet food, but you can’t let your dog make all the decisions. So, here is a quick explanation of the differences between wet food and dry food.


Dry Food

Dry dog food has several advantages. For one, it is easy to buy in bulk. You can buy a ten-kilogram bag of dry dog food and store it in your home without much worry. Since it is dried out, it is less likely to attract bugs. If you’re worried about attracting bugs, you could keep it somewhere cool and dry. Also, you should seal it in some kind of a large rubbish bin. Whatever the case may be, dry dog food stores well. Generally, it doesn’t spoil because it is dry. It’s very easy to measure out the proper amount of kibble to keep your dog on a reliable diet. Also, better dry foods are designed to clean and improve the health of your dog’s teeth and gums. Some breeds of dogs tend to have dental issues. A specially-formulated dog food will clean away plaque build up and massage the gums. An online pet store can offer several different kinds of dry food options.

The disadvantages of dry dog food are few but they do exist. Dry food tends to be formulated differently than wet food. In order to hold its shape, dry food is often made with far less fat and more carbohydrates. For a dog that is active, this could lead to a deficiency in the amount of fat needed to stay healthy. Also, dry food does not offer your dog any liquid, so you must ensure that your dog is drinking enough water.

Wet Food

Wet food will be very popular with your dog but it’s not a perfect food either. Wet food tends to have more fat than dry food; it also has fewer carbohydrates. Since wet food has more fat and ingredients that better mimic meat and meat by products, your dog will likely prefer it to dry food. Also, the increased moisture will help your dog feel satiated without actually consuming more calories. It’s a great choice for an owner who wants to trick his or her dog into dieting without feeling deprived of food. Furthermore, the moisture content is great for any dog that does not drink enough water. They will be able to consume their water through food.

Wet food has a few drawbacks, though. Wet food will not clean and massage the teeth of your dog. Also, wet food does not store very well. If you have wet food for your dog, you will need to be more vigilant about keeping your dog’s teeth healthy.

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