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Why Dog Owners Are Turning to Artificial Grass

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Making Life Easier For Both Pets and Owners

With a new artificial lawn you could have the best of both worlds – a garden that works for you and your pooch.

If you’re a dog owner, then you don’t need us to tell you that your four legged friend loves nothing better than playing out in the garden. While lawns look beautiful, they often don’t mix very well with pets. So many homeowners are choosing to pave over their gardens instead. What if there was an alternative though? Well, with the addition of some pet friendly artificial grass you’ll be able to enjoy a lush green lawn all year round – no matter what your dog gets up to on it! Here’s why it’s becoming such a popular option for dog lovers.

Zero maintenance

If there’s one thing dog owners want from a garden, it’s low maintenance. With your dog always wanting to play in the garden and following you out there every time you open the door, finding the time to care for grass can be hard. With an artificial lawn, there’s no need to worry about that. With no watering, mowing or trimming required, you can relax and play games with your dog all you like!

Stands up to heavy use

A lot of people worry that artificial lawns aren’t strong enough to cope with the demands of boisterous dogs. The technology has really advanced in recent years though, and they are now totally dog-proof. So your furry friend can paw, run and roll to their heart’s content. They will also be able to snooze the day away on it, as it won’t wear in areas of heavy use.

Perfect for all dogs

If you have dogs of differing sizes, you will have noticed that the larger dogs will navigate the lawn much easier as it gets longer, while their littler friends will struggle. Keeping your lawn short so that your smaller dogs can play on it too can take a lot of work, but with artificial grass you can choose the right length for you. So every dog in the house will be able to make the most of the lawn, with no extra work for you.

Bye-bye muddy paw prints!

It’s all fun and games while your dog is having fun in the garden, but once they are called in for dinner and come bounding through the house leaving mud everywhere, you suddenly aren’t smiling so much. There’s no soil on an artificial lawn, so your dogs will come back into the house with pristine paws and fur. Your walls and your soft furnishings will certainly thank you!

Buy from the best

It’s important to buy your artificial grass from a trusted provider, so that you choose the right lawn for you and your pets. At NeoGrass, you will be advised on everything from the length, finish and material of your new lawn. You will also be able to take advantage of additional features such as Feelgood Technology, which will keep your new grass cool and comfortable all year round.

See if it could work for you

Now that you know just how much easier an artificial lawn can make life for you, why not see if it could be something for you to include in your outside space? Whether you’re moving into a new property or simply embarking on a garden redesign, artificial grass will make your home landscape much more dog friendly.


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