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Why is it important to use a grooming comb?

Regular grooming of your dog is a very important aspect of the health of your dog. It does not matter what type of hair your dog has; there are combs and brushes to make them look groomed. There are many dogs which like grooming. And when the grooming is done properly it can give it a good sense of bonding and well-being. Grooming your dog can be a great pastime for you too. You get to spend quality time with your dog as well as you can keep track of the skin problems, lumps, bumps, and parasites on your dog’s body. Know your dog’s hair properly before picking the right tool for your dog. The dogs with short hair also get benefits from regular grooming. Short-haired breeds can be groomed properly with abrush which has short bristles. The Grooming comb for dogs serves the purpose of admitting the matted fur of the dog the best.

Importance of Grooming Combs

This brush helps in removing flakes from the skin of your dog and also stimulate the blood circulation under the skin of your so that the skin starts secreting natural oils which benefit the hair. The soft bristles are also good for the underside of the dog where the skin is soft. Brushes differ from each other in size, type of handle and bristles. It is important to pick the one which is approximate for the size of the hair of your dog and also fits perfectly in your hand.

  • The dogs which have a medium size coat like the Labrador need something more than just brushing. The medium size coat is first brushed to bring out the dead or loose hair. Slicker brushes have small metal pins attached to a rubber base. The brush may also have a plastic rounded nib on the bristles for comfort.
  • Wire brushes have small thin wire and are twisted at the bristle head to avoid scratching and bring out loose hair completely. You need to comb your dog’s hair first and then give it a proper brushing to spread the natural oils from the skin of the dog, throughout its body.

The Royal EleDemattingTool is one of the best among the grooming combs that are available, and it is also certified by Montana-based special groomers, which makes it safer to use.

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