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Why Your Dog Might be Barking and Why You Might Need a Dog Barking Collar

To really control your dogs barking you need to understand the underlying causes of why they are barking.  If you understand why, then you can really see some great results when using the best dog barking collar.

Phobia and fears-

Just like humans, dogs too can be scared of certain things.  Like loud noises, large items and other things.  You can normally tell this by the way your dog is holding himself.  If his or hers ears are back or their tails are low then there is a good chance that he or she is scared of something.

The best way is to find out what they are scared of a de-sensitize them to that.  Make sure that you do not baby your dog when they are scared, otherwise they will think they are being rewarded for their behavior.  To find out more about Phobias and fears, and how to overcome them visit:

Attention seeking, boredom, frustration-

Is your dog being left alone for long periods of time with no company or no toys?  Does you dog have a lot of energy that he or she just isn’t using?  They there is a good chance your dog is barking because they are attention seeking bored and/or frustrated.

Ways to try and avoid this is to exercise your dog twice a day, make sure that there are plenty of toys for them to play with.  If you can afford it, a doggy daycare is not a bad idea, that way he or she can socialize with other animals.  Make sure that you are spending quality time with your dog when you are home.  To find out other ways to keep your pooch entertained and stop them from destroying your house out of boredom visit:

Separation Anxiety-

If your dog starts barking as soon as you leave the house, has an overly strong attachment to you i.e. follows you around everywhere.  Then there is a strong possibility that your dog is suffering separation Anxiety.

This can be treated with medications, however if you are not keen to medicate your dog, then we suggest visiting Stop Dog from barking.  They will give you techniques to stop your dog suffering separation anxiety.

Finding out why he is barking is the best way to stop dog from barking once and for all.  If you can remove the issues surrounding why, then he will naturally have nothing to bark about anymore.  We highly recommend Stop dog from barking guide.  This has been tested by us here with our own barking dogs, and we were amazed at the results we saw.  Not only did it stop our two precious dogs from barking but they only bark when necessary.  Peace has finally been restored.  You too can have peace back in your household!

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