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Buyer’s Guide: Shock Collar Training To Make Your Dog To Be More Submissive

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Who does not love dogs? They are cute, adorable, and certainly the man’s best friend. However, there is one annoying thing which most dogowners have to deal with. That is when they start misbehaving. For example, they can run around the house, make a lot of messes, bark on everything, and many others. But, now there is no need to get worried anymore as you can use shock training collar. There is a number of training collars which you can find in online stores. Here are some of them which you can consider.

Best Dog Training Collar

As we said before, there are several kinds of shock collar training for large dogs. Amongst of all, Petrainers seems to be the best-selling one. In this case, we are talking about their PET998DRB dog training collar. It is quite popular that even Expert Trainers even use it. This item has 3 types of mode you can select for the warning system. They are static simulation, vibration, and beep. For the static and vibration, you can set its level from 0-100. To ease the training, there is also a remote to activate the collar in range up to 330 miles.

The pro of this collar is that you can see the results in just a week or even less. With only a couple of zaps or vibration, your dogs will start to behave as you want. What’s more, you can use it for puppies too. The only con it got is how vulnerable the item is. It can easily stop working within a week.

Other Alternates of Best Dog Training Collars

Here are some more best-selling training collars for you to choose. The first one is remote controlled dog training collar by PetTech. It has warning modes of static and vibration which you can customize within 0-100 levels. It also features beep as an audible warning. The shock collar training is one package with a remote. The range it can receive is 1200ft. You can simply recharge the item once it runs out of power. Moreover, the battery is long lasting. The pro is your pets will obey to you already with only the vibration mode. The con is sometimes both transmitter and receiver cannot connect to each other.

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The second one is PET916 electric collar by Petrainer. If you have two misbehaving dogs, then this is the one you need. It has one remote to control two collars at the same time. Just like other collars, this one also has modes like shock, vibration, and beep. The collar has such a durable strap. Moreover, its waterfroof feature allows you to use it outside the house. This shock collar training fits very well to all dogs from 15lbs. The length size is from 7 to 26”. The pro is its less expensive price comes with great performance. It immediately works on your dogs. The con is that the shock mode might accientally hurt your pets.

PET998DBB by Petrainer is another choice of dual collars to train two dogs at once. The collar design it quite like the previous one. The difference is at the remote with different button position. This one is easier to understand and set. The remote is able to control both collars even with range up to 330 yards. If the receiver and transmitter loses power, you can recharge them at the same time. This will provide you one efficient training. The con is that the shock mode might burn your dog’s neck. Luckily, the beep and vibration are enough to give them an effective training without any harms. That makes it become the pro.

Other Regular Yet Still Effective Training Collars

These are a number of shock collar training selection which are not as popular as the previous ones. Yet, they are still effective to use for dog training.

The first one is waterproof dog training collar by YouThink. Just by its name, we can guess already that we can apply it in raining season. In addition, you can also let your dogs to swim around with it. It is still working in water under 1m. You can choose the warning mode between LED light, static, vibration, and mode. It has 2 different sets of probes. The size depends on the dog size and fur length. When it is not operating in 20s, it will turn into power saving mode. The pro is the waterproof feature is very beneficial toward dogs that love playing in wet area. The con is its poor performance of transmitter.

Yiscor bark collar is perfect to control dogs that have excessive barking issue. Of course you can use it to lessen other misbehaviors. The collar fits really well to all dogs started from 10-100 pounds. Since it is lightweight, your pets can wear it comfortably. It is not recommended to use it for dogs with aggressive or fearful behaviors, though. There is a remote which reach the collar within 100m. The pro is your dogs will stop their bad behaviors and listen to you more. The con is the remote might stop working after using it for a while.

Different from the other collars we mentioned here, this no-shock collar training has a more interesting design. On the collar, it has printed letters which is “Good Boy”. It even comes with various colors like blue, brown, green, etc. It certainly will make your pups look adorable. Speaking of puppy, the strap size is only suitable for small and medium dogs. The modes it features are only beep and vibration, no static stimulation . The pro is that it will not hurt your dogs at all. The con is it might not work effectively for some dogs.

Those are all of our recommendation of training dog collars. Whichever you want to choose, each shock collar training is great to train your dogs. For your information, these are only a few you can consider. There are still some more which you can search in the Internet.

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