• Friday , 23 August 2019

Buying a dog: do it well and count your blessings

So, you and your family have chatted things through – and the time, according to one and all, is right to get a pet. You’ve chatted about a bird, you’ve talked through the ins and outs of owning a goldfish. You and your life partner have spoken about a cat. But, in the end, you and your children and spouse reckon a dog is the way to go. It was by no means a straightforward choice, but it is the one you have committed to and must now follow through with.

The first thought was probably to adopt a dog. This thought is altruistic and admirable, but in the end, for reasons vast and varied, was not the direction you want to go in. There is not really hiring of pets on offer, nor should be there as this is rather counterintuitive to the whole idea of forming a long-term relationship with the animal, so buying one or two is the so-called ‘where to from here’ – and now is juncture where one must find dogs for sale.

Things to consider:

The number of dogs you are going to purchase, too, is of paramount importance. You need to consider the size of the space they are going to spend the bulk of their days and nights in. If it’s a small area, then one dog is certainly more than enough, but then it will lack company – so you might want to get a second dog. But that will mean the need for a larger space. As you can see, one really has to think deeply – and make an informed choice – as to what to do.

A small space, to some extent, can be counteracted by frequently walking the dog – and allowing it to dance and run in your local park. Even if you live in the city – a veritable concrete jungle – there should be a local park within walking distance, where you and your dog can spend quality time with a tossed ball, thrown stick or other dogs enjoying the same pastimes.

If this is not going to be the case, then it is a tougher ‘sell’, and you might need to consider hiring a dog walker for when you are away at work or at the gym. Dog walking as a full-time or part-time job is on the increase, and you can just do a quick search on the internet with specific key terms involving the area you live in – and you probably won’t come up empty handed. Your dog, then, will need to know how to walk and be walked on a leash – and how to be obedient to when other dogs and humans it is not used to are around. This might mean you will need to do the training or the person you hire will need to do the training.

Either way, you can trust with relative freedom, that owning a dog will bring plenty of fun to your life – and ultimately hopefully enrich it for the better. So, start looking around now – online or in pet shops – and you can look forward to getting a solid companion soon enough.

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