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Dental Health Is Part of Your Pets Preventive Medical Care


At Weddington Animal Hospital, they have the belief that the cornerstone of any good relationship between vet clinic and you and your pet is trust and care. They thank anyone who puts their trust in them and their care for both you and your buddy. They offer modern and medical options that are effective medical choice for your pet and work with you to ensure the best decisions for your family. They can help you with all your pet’s needs, as well as answer any of your questions and provide good, quality healthcare.

Preventative care

At this vet clinic in Marvin, NC, they look forward to offering your pets with preventative care as well as emergency and sick patient care. Good preventative care is important for the care of your pet. These include areas, such as dental care and grooming. There veterinary services include:

  • Emergency
  • Surgical
  • Blood work
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound

February – Pet Dental

Let’s talk about good dental care – there is a direct link between good oral health and overall health. Taking care of a pet’s teeth and gums is a vital part of any health care plan. Any dental disease can cause discomfort for your pet. A cat experiences the same amount of pain from a cavity as a human does. Over 80% of dogs start to show signs of gum disease by the age of 3.

Responsible owner

A responsible dog or cat owner has the responsibility to get your pet regular dental cleaning. This vet clinic has up-to-date equipment and the gentle touch to hands all the dental needs of your pet today. Whether you have a cat or dog needing teeth removal or more extensive dental care of the gums – this vet clinic can handle it.

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