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Health products shine at 2018 Global Pet Expo

  The recently concluded 2018 Global Pet Expo was a great event for pet lovers and enthusiast held last Mar. 21-23 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The annual trade show by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) showcases some of the new products retailers have to offer. During last year’s trade show, 1,130 were able to participate and the show launched 3,000 products for animals. This year’s expo is a great upgrade for the trade show as it also had amazing surprises for those in attendance.

The biggest takeaway from the trade show is that pet supplementary and medicinal items are the future of the industry. Next to food and vet care, supplements and OTC medicine racked up the most amount of sales in the pet community in 2016. According to APPA, $66.75 billion was spent on pets in the United States, $14.71 billion of which is allotted to animal medicine.

Pet owners are now more discerning when it comes to caring for their fur friends. They are always on the lookout for products that gives their animals a few medicinal benefits. At the recent Global Pet Expo, a few companies focused on healthcare and medicine took the spotlight with their product offerings that would meet the demand for better pet supplements and OTC medicine.

Medical and supplementary products showcased at the trade expo


Several big names and products were present at the event including Cesar Millan’s highly anticipated Vivamune Health Chews that made its awaited debut at the pet expo.

The new product is a dog supplement that contains traces of OxC-beta complex. The recently discovered compound helps our dogs cope with joint, skin and digestive problems. Additionally, it also provides proactive immune support. Product endorser and renowned animal behaviorist Millan notes that the health chews are unlike anything pet owners have seen before, and it’s a ground-breaking new product to promote better health in dogs.

Also present at the event is PotNetwork Holding, Inc.’s (OTCMKTS:POTN) wholly-owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD Inc. Both companies center on the production of the best quality cannabidiol (CBD) products made from oils extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction. Their extensive selection of highly-concentrated CBD products includes tinctures, dabs, edibles, and even pet food and medicine.

Even animals are able to enjoy the benefits of the miracle compound. At the Global Pet Expo, Diamond CBD showcased its MediPet line that includes items specifically made for cats, and the various sizes of dogs. This CBD line made especially for pets will give cats and dogs a lot of benefits. Its best use is to relieve pain from injuries, surgeries or diseases, and it can also reduce anxiety and stress. These products are easy to give to animals because they mix well with food. The company also offers Diamond CBD Pet Food, which can be added to any dry or wet food for animals.

Companies including PotNetwork and Diamond CBD and products like Vivamune Health Chews and the MediPet line provide a new way to keep our furry friends in top-shape. Through their revolutionary products, it’s safe to say the well-being of pets is in great hands.

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