• Tuesday , 23 July 2019

How To Care For Senior Dogs

Your dog is your best friend, but unfortunately their life span is significantly shorter than that of their human companions. If your dog is getting on in years you may be witnessing their health deteriorating due to the effects of old age. This is obviously heart breaking for most people, but there are some things you can do to help ease your dog’s pain. The care for an older dog is different from when they were an energetic puppy! Here’s some things you may want to address.

Your dogs food

The diet you fed your dog as a puppy should change with them as they grow. Once your dog gets into his teens he may need very different nutrition. You may need to switch your dog food brand to something that’s more nutritionally sound so as to better provide for your aging pup. There are lots of specially formulated senior dog food brands that offer a lot more for your animal than a generic brand you’d find at the grocery store. They can provide important nutrients to help maintain their health longer, and some even include supplements like glucosumine to help with joint health. Bad joints are a big problem for aging dogs, especially those that are large breeds. Many of these foods are also easier to digest as many older dogs can develop problems with their stomachs.


Get an orthopedic dog bed

I’m sure you sleep in a nice comfy bed, but where does your dog sleep? Is it on the hard floor? This doesn’t provide much support. As dogs age they can get arthritis, hip paint, joint pain, and other ailments of old age just like humans. By purchasing an orthopedic dog bed you can help ease some of your dog’s suffering. These foam core beds help relive pressure points to help your dog rest, and to assist in recovering from joint stress. Orthopedic dog beds for big dogs are particularly helpful since these large breed canines show the most wear from the weight they carry on their large frames.

Get a carpal brace

If your dog has serious problems with their legs you can buy carpal splint braces to help give them support in the ankle and forearm area. These are much like braced for people where they put pressure on the legs to help give support and pain relief. These can also help with arthritis or aid in healing injuries if your dog has ligament damage.

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