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How to Improve Your Chances of Winning a Greyhound Racing Bet

There are no guaranteed methods of finding winners when you bet on dog racing, however, determining which greyhounds are the best to bet on can be daunting for a newcomer to the sport. Whilst racing greyhounds might seem all the same to the novice eye, don’t be fooled – there are many different factors that you should take into consideration before you risk losing your hard-earned cash.

Although there’s no magic formula to ensure that you win every bet, using the below guidelines when making a choice will help you improve your chances of winning.

What to Look For

Before you choose a dog to put a bet on, you should be looking out for the main factors. These are class, current form, trap draw, early speed, and most importantly; value for money. Picking the best option regarding all these factors will improve your chances of placing the right bets. However, be aware that even the best of greyhounds has off days; sometimes the best choice won’t necessarily be the winner.

Using Tips

In order to help you make the best decisions when it comes to placing your bets, you might want to consider using greyhound tips Australia. You can find both website and mobile applications that provide you with tips about new dogs, information about potential greyhounds that are racing, and hints from the experts regarding which dogs they believe are in with the biggest chance of winning. For a newcomer to greyhound betting, these services can be extremely useful and help you to understand what a great choice looks like.

Understanding Class

It’s great to know what to look for, but you can only truly make the best choice when you understand it, too. When it comes to class, you are the grade given to the dog by the racing manager. In general, young greyhounds undergo a series of time trials before they can be entered in races. So, the class which the dog is place in will depend on where the race manager feels that it has a chance of winning against greyhounds of near or equal ability.

Understanding Form

If you have come across a racer whom you feel is a class above your other options, then it’s important to study his form carefully. You should take the time to watch recent races to see how the dog is performing. It’s important to be sure that the greyhound has been recording times fast enough to put them in with a good chance of winning. Of course, there are no solid rules for working out the form of a dog; the direction that you may take is very much down to personal preference. But, as a guide, you should be looking for a runner who can lead and doesn’t come off from the pace.

Making Your Money Work

So, you’ve finally found a runner who you believe is worth investing your money in. That’s great, but now you’ll need to work out how much is best to bet. This willdepend on your choice of runner; you should already have an idea yourself whether or not the dog is in with a real winning chance.

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