• Thursday , 22 August 2019

How to Keep Your Dog Happy in the Car

Road trips are harder on your pets than they are on you. For us humans, it’s easy to understand that this is temporary and we’ll get where we’re going eventually. For pets, this is difficult to grasp and they may be scared, confused, and very upset while you’re driving. Some animals love to be in the car, but not all for them appreciate it, especially for longer trips. Here are a few tips for keeping your dog happy in the car:

  • Don’t let them ride in the front

It may sound like a great idea to let them sit up front with you, but this can be really dangerous. Dog don’t know when it’s appropriate to sit in your lap or when it may be dangerous, so they may suddenly walk over into your lap while you’re driving. Or, they may go to your feet and get stuck under the pedals. Either way, the front seat is a bad idea for dogs!

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  • Give them something for security

Give your dog a blanket, dog, bed, or something similar that they are used to, to help them feel more secure. This is easier to do if you’re traveling in a car with a bigger back cabin like the 2017 Ram 1500 or an SUV, and may be harder in a sedan with a smaller back seat. Their crate may be a good idea if your dog is crate trained, since they may feel comfortable in the crate.

  • Take treats and toys along

All dogs will appreciate their favorite toys or treats in the car. This is a good way to keep them entertained and occupied for a while when you’re traveling.

  • Remember to take pit stops

Your dog is going to need more pit stops than you. They need to stretch and use the bathroom, and they won’t be able to tell you when they need to go, so you should stop a bit more frequently for them. This will make the ride smoother for everyone in the car, especially for your furry friend!

Riding in the car with your pets doesn’t have to be a bad experience. You can help them enjoy themselves a bit, or at least feel more secure by preparing them for the trip. Do what you can to make your dog more comfortable, and you’ll end up more comfortable as well.

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