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How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Safe In A Dog Park

You’ve got a young dog who has recently started going out and you’re thinking of taking him or her to the dog park? Or you’ve had a dog for quite a while, but you’ve got a dog park in your neighborhood only recently? Or you’ve been simply been apprehensive so far, but are having second thoughts? There are a lot of advantages of visiting a dog park. Not only can your dog socialize with other dogs, but you can also find dog waste bag dispensers like these https://www.bowwowwaste.com/bag-dispensers/ which makes your poop scooping so much easier.

 Whatever the case, it’s important to know a few things before taking your pet to the dog park. They may seem like chaotic places full of equally bad-mannered dogs and owners, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Even if it were, it’s important to be ready and do the right thing from your side. So here’s how to make sure your pooch gets the best out of a dog park and remain safe while doing it.

Be Sure Your Dog Is Absolutely Healthy

Absolutely healthy here means spayed or neutered, in the first place. Then, clear from the parasites and up-to-date with all the vaccines. You can’t impact other dogs’ health, but you can make sure your pet is well, and thus minimize the odds of it contracting a disease or any other health problem from the fellow pups.

To be on the safe side, you can take your pet to the vet before deciding to visit the dog park. That way you’ll be sure your dog is absolutely ready for this new adventure. Otherwise, in case your pooch already has some problem or is missing on vaccinations, contact with other dogs could only cause problems in the form of new illness or aggravation of the existing.

Stay Alert

I’m sure you’ve seen dog owners chatting with each other, not paying much attention to what their dogs are doings, and you definitely don’t want to be that person. Or you can see people staring at their phones, ignoring their pets. As you probably know, things between dogs can escalate quite quickly so each second can be important. That’s why you need to keep an eye on your dog all the time and make sure you follow the situation carefully and are ready to react immediately if necessary.

Learn To Recognize Aggression

Teach yourself to be able to tell the difference between a playful, energetic dog and an aggressive dog. In most cases, it’s not that difficult, as you can distinguish the sounds they make, their facial expression, and of course, wagging the tail. Once you notice an aggressive dog, try to locate the owner as well, and politely draw attention to the dog’s behavior, just as thumbs up or simply checking.

If that’s not possible, try to distance yourself and your pooch from that particular angry creature. Preferably, try to stand behind something, but if that’s not possible, make sure you do NOT run, as thedog will probably start chasing you.  Alternatively, you can try to distract the aggressive dogs by throwing the ball or tossing treats.

But equally important, make sure you’re able to recognize aggression in your own dog. Yes, your beloved pooch could start bullying someone as well, so make sure you react promptly and prevent that, just as you’d like someone else to control their dog had the situation been reversed.

Prepare Your Dog

Before actually taking your dog to the first doggy park adventure, make sure you socialize them from the young age, by making the new people, dogs and places a common thing for them. In that way, the dog park won’t be such a big shock and chaos for them.

Also, make sure to be prepared yourself, and know all the rules of behavior at the dog park, including picking up your pet’s poop. That means always bringing a doggie waste bag just in case the dispenser in the park is empty. Doggie waste bags are widely available, so you really have no excuse not having one.

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