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How to stop your pets from making your house smell


Loving your pets is very normal, but that does not mean that you have to ignore the thing that they are making your house smell. A house which has the smell of pets can create a good number of problems. You may feel embarrassed with the reactions of your guests when they come into your house, and you may also start spending more time outside your house. But you don’t need to worry now because pet odor can easily be tackled with some very simple changes and actions. If you have a cat, and you want to prevent the bad smell of the cat feces, you should make use of an automatic litter box. This box will help in removing all the bad odor in the house. For more information regarding automatic litter boxes, please visit http://www.tuxedo-cat.co.uk/self-cleaning-litter-boxes/.

Ways to get rid of the odor

Listed below are the ways which will help to get rid of the bad odor.

  • Your pets move around your house and make your rooms smell. The things which make your rooms smell are the fur, dander, urine, mud, and feces. To get rid of the odor, use a vacuum cleaner. And you can also use attachments where it is necessary.
  • Clean the messes of the pets with cleaning enzymes. They are the source of the smell. If you find some areas which are recent messes of your pets, spray enzymes on that area. Keep the sprayed area for 30 minutes and then mop the area with a dry cloth. You will find that the odor has disappeared. Enzymes cleaners have the property of breaking down the proteins in urine, vomit, and feces and completely take the smell from the area.
  • Cleaning the particular spots of stains will remove the smell from the area, but there will be many more spots on your carpets which are not visible to you, but they are releasing the same amount of smell. Have a complete control on the smell of your house with a thorough cleaning of your carpet. You must hold onto your patience for this job because this will take a lot of time. After you are done with the job, you will feel that it was worth doing it. Powder or shampoo is two other bad odor fighting agent you can use. For dry cleaning, use powder cleaner; spread it on the smelly areas and keep it for about 30 minutes then vacuum out the areas. The powder will keep its essence on the floor and take away the dirt with it to the vacuum cleaner. You can also use carpet shampooer. Fill the reservoir with water and add the shampoo in that compartment. Then by pressing the lever l, spray it on the carpet. Keep it for about 24 hours then vacuum it with the vacuum cleaner.

If you keep these points in mind, you can easily drive away the bad smell from your house.

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