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How To Subside Allergies For Cat Owners?

No matter how much you love your cat, cats can be a severe trigger of allergy for its owners. In fact, cat’s dander causes lots of irritating symptoms like itching in eyes, shortness of breath, sneezing, runny nose etc. If you are a cat owner, you can be terribly affected by your cat’s dander too!

Check here 4 easy ways to fight the bout of allergy caused by a pet cat.

Take Medication

Certain medications are available that can reduce the effect of cat allergy. It is always wise to consult a doctor before administering a cat allergy medicine. Depending on the intensity of allergy the dose of medication is selected. Therefore you need to explain to the doctor how much discomfort due to allergy is being induced. According to your symptoms, you need to take medication.

Use Decongestants

Use of decongestants helps in clearing nasal congestion and that helps in treating runny nose, sneezing etc, which are the irritating side effect of cat’s allergy problem. Over the counter, decongestants work pretty well. However, you can ask your doctor for some good brands to refer. You need to buy the medicine accordingly.

You can use an allergy mask so that the feline’s dander cannot reach your respiratory track. This is a good way to fight cat’s allergy amicably.

Give Your Cat Least A Weekly Bath

Cat’s danders are the worst cause of triggering an allergy. You can give your cat at least a weekly bath. This will help your pet to get rid of allergen. It is wise to use shampoos that are medically effective for reducing allergens. If you are allergy prone, you need to appoint a cat groomer to give the feline a relaxing bath.

Use Humidifier To Reduce Allergens In The Air

Do you think allergy can be a solid reason to disown your lovely cuddly feline pet? Certainly, the answer will be no. But now the vital question is if there is any way to subside allergies for cat ownersYou can buy an air purifier with HEPA filter. Such air purifier filters force air with help of its special screen and traps particles including allergens like pet dander and dust mites. Not only that, it also captures particles such as tobacco smoke.

Cat’s dander, smell and dust particles in cat’s litter may contaminate indoor air and it may cause acute allergy for the cat owner. Use of humidifier can purify air and can reduce the risk of allergy in cat owners. Different types of humidifiers are available in the market. It is always wise to go for a good and reputable brand of the humidifier.

These are some of the proven ways to prevent the allergy from cat’s owners, and relentless R&D process is still ongoing to learn the ways to groom the cat so that the allergic symptoms become more manageable. These four ways are proven ways to subside allergies for cat owners without any significant side effect.

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