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Pros and Cons of Dressing Dogs Up With Clothes, Such As T-Shirts, Dresses, Pants, And So On


Dogs are no less than family members. Pets apparel and accessories are catching up with the owners who are attempting to bring a class to the pet’s personality. Some people see their dogs as an extension of their own personality and thus, choose to accessorize the pets in similar mode as they dress up themselves, especially while going out or on special occasions. The increasing craze of making the dog an Instagram sensation has also brought in the concept of dressing up the pets. So, till what extent all this makes sense? Let’s find out.

Pros of dressing up pets

Helping in withstanding cold weather

Whether you should dress up the pets using shirts or pants or not depends a lot upon the dog’s breed, age, etc. Some dogs belong to the cold countries. They have natural mechanisms in their body to fight chilling weather. But, some are not. So, when you know that your dog will not be able to keep up with the cold winds or snowfall, dressing it up with jackets, shirts etc is surely a good decision.

Pepping up the mood

You can choose to dress up your dog if it has a sporting temperament. If you dog shows signs of happiness and excitement and is patient enough to get dressed up, then why not put clothes on it and let it have a gala time!

Cons of dressing up


Dogs may become irritable if the cloth is not fitting correctly or the fabric is not up to the mark. Some may catch allergies too. Also, those dogs who are meant for cold weathers should not be made to wear sweaters, jackets etc. It may cause overheating of the body causing damage rather than comfort.

So, dressing up the dogs can go wrong if certain precautions are not taken. It is better to understand the dog’s body before buying clothes. Reading reviews before shopping also helps picking the good stuff.

It is best to understand the dog’s body before buying clothes. Otherwise, dressing them up can go wrong if certain precautions are not taken. A good recommendation is a conventional but sophisticated set of good looking collar and leash. For instance, a good contrast of blue or yellow can go right on black or brown dogs. And for beige and white dogs, a set of terracotta colors may look great. Don’t forget to choose the right model according of the size of your pet. Try out some of the options Mr. Licks has to offer. Learn more on www.mrlicks-pets.com, and have a great tale wagging time!

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