• Sunday , 18 August 2019

Quebec-based animal shelter uses cannabis oil for treating rescues

Cannabis products have found their way in various markets because of the numerous health benefits people can get from them. One line of cannabis products getting more and more attention is CBD oils, which are typically isolates of a beneficial compound found in marijuana. CBD oils have captivated countless worldwide and now, scientists are looking towards the good they can do to animals.

There are already a few proven benefits that CBD oils have for pets like dogs and cats, and other animals. Like in humans, CBD oils for animals provide anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anticonvulsant properties to enjoy. Perhaps the best benefit our animals can reap from cannabis products is its stress relieving factors which can be quite helpful in keeping dogs and cats calm.

Veterinarians and animal shelters alike are taking notice of what wonders CBD could have for animals, and they have since started implementing related products into their daily processes. For instance, the Centre-refuge Nymous animal shelter in Ste-Béatrix has begun treating injured animals with cannabis oil products.

The animal shelter’s co-founder, Jacques Lessard, says that the innovative method of treating animal injuries is working. That was the case for Gaby and Lou, a skunk and a raccoon, respectively. Gaby’s hind legs no longer functioned, and a part of her brain was atrophied. On the other hand, Lou suffers from body spasms stemming from hypothermia.

Lessard says that the results of cannabis oils for Gaby were immediate. She stopped trembling and she now has better coordination and control over her movements. As for Lou, the intensity of her spasms was lessened greatly.

Lessard and his team began adding cannabis oil to the animal’s food a few months back. Although the results of the Quebec-based animal shelter’s cannabis oil trials have been successful, experts suggest that more studies are still needed. Caroline Kilsdonk, president of the Quebec Order of Veterinarians, wants people to remain cautious with regards to cannabis use in animals. However, she also remains optimistic.

“The data is incomplete. We don’t recommend that veterinarians resort [to cannabis] at this time,” she said.

All the industry needs is a little push, and one company that could help provide more findings on the wonders of cannabis to animals is PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN). The company focuses on the research and development of CBD products, which it distributes through its subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc. The company’s MediPets line is already helping out many animals in the U.S.

According to a recent press release, MediPets has donated $3,000 to the Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation (SSARF), which is the No.1 animal rescue operation in South Florida. The donated funds will be used to help SSARF repair and replace its anesthesia machines that are used in animal life-saving efforts.

POTN’s recent endeavors follow shortly after the company’s recent announcements to change its name into BioTech Hemp Inc. This, along with the helping hand it extended to the SSARF, will truly propel the company into having the leadership status in the booming CBD industry.

While CBD oil use for animals is still being researched and developed, experts have high hopes for what the miracle compound can do for humans and animals alike.

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