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The SMARTEST pet camera available in 2018    

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Pet cameras are now a necessity for any self-respecting pet owner who wants the best for their animals. The options are so many that it is a bit overwhelming. The first question that comes to mind is why an iPetCompanion’s article on the best pet cameras? There is also a multitude of security cameras that are much cheaper and you can also view your pet remotely. What is the difference between these two? While security cameras may let you see your pet from afar they do just that and ONLY that. They can only passively sit there and watch whereas a pet camera has functions that let you interact with your pet, thus having the ability to actually improve and train your furry animal friends to behave whilst you are away.

To save you the trouble, we have scoured reviews far and wide into the World Wide Web as to what an ideal pet camera should be and should have. This one is simply the best camera available in the market this year and they tick all the right boxes and more. We looked at this on the basis of these three parameters: being Interactive, camera specs and should help with positive reinforcement.

I give you, the Furbo Dog Camera!

by far the most packed full of feature pet camera, the Furbo dog camera has a lot to offer pet lovers. Aside from ticking all the baseline requirements, this one has a real-time barking alert that will actually send a push notification to your smartphone when it occurs. You can tweak the sensitivity to avoid false alarms. Another neat trick is that this alerts dogs to treats with sounds that are modeled after a training clicker. Furbo also uses color cues that are in the ranges that a dog can see ( either yellow for inactivity and blue when you are remotely activating it ) First the clicker, then the color. Whenever a dog hears the clicker OR sees the color, he will know a yummy treat is on his way. Furthermore, the Furbo has the ability to tell you what your dog is doing such as jumping on furniture, running around or staying still. As if that’s not enough, this pet camera’s smart system can tell the difference between man and dog and if it is facing an inanimate object. Now that is some serious A.I. power. This feature will help filter out notifications and make sure that only things that are related to your pet get to you. Another “fancy” but an absolute necessity for pet lovers is the automatic “selfie” feature of the Furbo is it detects when your pet is actually FACING the camera and start taking pictures and SEND it to your phone.

Those features are top of the line and there is no product I can find that can rival and offer the same number of functionality.

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