• Tuesday , 23 July 2019

The Wonderful World of Dogs!

Anyone with a dog knows that they are one of the most wonderful creatures on the planet. Apart from the unconditional love and affection that they give us, they have a wide variety of special skills, many of which animal behaviourists and scientists are only just starting to discover in their research.

Why Your Dog Is Amazing

There are many reasons why dogs are amazing, not the least of which is that they are very social creatures like us. Did you know that dogs are the only other animals on the planet that we know of apart from humans that can actually read and interpret human body language? While it is true that many primates can do this and even learn sign language, they need to be trained intensively to do this. Dogs are capable of reading our body language and emotional states as soon as they are born.

As if that were not amazing enough, it has also recently been discovered that most dogs can understand more words than we first thought. We may expect them to understand some pretty basic words, but did you know that the average dog can actually recognise between 100 and 160 human words? That may not seem like a lot until you realise that this puts them on par with the average human toddler in terms of their everyday vocabulary.

It is possible that dogs have even more capacity to learn human language. Recently, it was discovered that there was a dog in Canada that could understand over 1000 human words! This incredible dog was tested on its problem-solving ability, and it was found that the dog could piece together simple phrases from words that it understood to solve a problem and recognise an object that it had never seen before! This particular dog may have been well beyond others of its kind, but it does prove that given the right training, dogs are quite possibly capable of much more cognition than we originally thought.

Keeping Your Canine Happy and Healthy

Given how intelligent dogs are, it is also a good idea to keep them stimulated. Exercising your dog by taking it for a walk is a great way of doing this because it gives your dog the chance to discover new smells in the outside world and engage in new social channels, and it provides them with the much needed physical exercise that their species loves.

But what if you don’t quite have the time to walk your dog? Fortunately, services such as Go Fetch Dog Walking in Cremorne are available to assuage your guilt and keep your dog happy and healthy. A dog walking service such as this is essential, particularly for those with busy lives who just want to ensure that their special canine is well cared for and stimulated when they are not available.

The other great benefit of a dog walking service is that it means that your pooch gets the chance to meet and bond with another person. This not only stimulates them socially and emotionally, but it also gives them a chance to make new friends with other dogs that are being walked. This opportunity for extra socialisation is a great way to keep your dog friendly and sociable into old age.

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