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Tips on how to build a dog run

Reasons to Buy a Dog Run

Dogs make lovely pets and enclosing them in a kennel isn’t something they are quite fond of. Our furry friends love us unconditionally but there are times when they do need to be restrained. A leash is not the last option that you have. Buy a dog run or build one for your pet and restrict them in a kind way.

Ensure that the dog run is sturdy irrespective of whether it has been bought or build. It should have a dog house, bowls for food and water and the toys that they are fond of playing with. Help them to be comfortable in their own small area. Besides chaining them down will only make them physically weak. Dogs are energetic and letting them run around freely in their space helps in keeping them healthy. Dogs that don’t get an adequate amount of exercise usually end up with behavioral problems.

When is a Dog Run Necessary?

A dog run is an investment and most may think twice before buying or building one. But think of the different reasons how a dog run may come in handy for you.

  • Most of us are away at work and we don’t want to leave the dog alone inside the house while we are away at work. Dogs that are home alone are bored and will not leave any moment to destroy the things around them. You are going to walk in a messed up home with things scattered and broken.
  • If you have a big yard and can leave your dog to run around it may still not be safe for them. They may escape or other stray dogs may walk in your yard. A fight between two dogs is not a good sight and the dogs may get wounded too.
  • A dog left in an open yard needs to rest, eat and drink. They also need shelter from sudden storm, rain or sun.
  • All guests are usually not fond of dogs. There may be kids who are scared of dogs. Also, all dogs may not respond in a friendly way to everyone. Such situations also call for a neat and open place where they can be restricted.
  • Dog runs can be used to train dogs. Dogs are adorable but they need the training to control their emotions. Bigger dogs, for instance, can get excited and jump on children or even adults wanting to play around with them. However, they may knock them down in the process. You can put them inside the pen asking them to improve their behavior.
  • All homes have workmen coming over to fix something or the other – the cable guy, the plumber, the electrician or anyone who needs to attend to some work in your house. Placing dogs in their dog run ensure that the people working around your house are safe.

A dog run may be expensive to buy but you can always look up for a dog run for sale on the internet and get them at a discounted rate.

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