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Tips To Train Your Puppy


As soon as you bring a puppy home, you should start off by training him from the very first day. Puppies are fast learners, and once they start learning, they tend not to disobey their owners. The time when you bring your puppy is probably when he starts teething. He tends to chew your furniture, your favorite pair of sandals, and not to mention; you may find your favorite dress transformed into rugs. You need to be strict from the very first day and be very clear about the things that are out of bounds for your puppy. You can train your puppy yourself, or you can also hire teachers, who can train your puppy. PetDT provides you with the best training tips and tricks for your puppy.

Training Tips

If you want to train your puppy, listed below are few of the training tips that you should follow.

  • It is very important to give a proper name to your puppy. In order to give proper training to your puppy, you should choose a name that ends with a consonant. A name that ends with a consonant is very helpful as the puppy can not only hear it but also understand it very clearly. Names like Jasper, Ginger of Jack always help for purposes related to training.
  • You must decide the house rules for your puppy. If you do not want your puppy on your bed or on your furniture, you must be careful from the very first day. Parts of your house may not be safe for the little one, and hence you have to keep that part off limits for the puppy. Setting the rules up from the first day keeps your puppy in check, and there is no confusion at all.
  • It is the best idea to give your puppy a personal space for sleeping. The puppy feels safer and more comfortable in places away from the family members or even other pets. Like every other people in the house, even your puppy needs a room or space of his own.
  • It is very important to reward the puppy whenever he behaves politely and obeys you. Positive reinforcement from you will help him to understand that he has been good and obedient to you and he will continue with the same behavior.

It is not really difficult to train the puppies, especiallyif it is done from the very first day. You just have to know all the tricks in order to turn your puppy into an obedient dog.

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