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Top 3 Largest Breeds In The World

Dogs have been known for ages to be man’s best friend. There’s never a generation where their friendliness, playfulness, and heroics aren’t celebrated. They’ve made it even as far as getting their own space in history and even movies have been made about them.

Due to their consistent and growing popularity, it is natural to find people who want to know the largest dog breeds. This could be because they want to own such breeds, see them live, or just know for that sake of knowing. Whichever category you fall into, here are the 3 largest dog breeds ever.

A word of caution, though; considering the huge sizes of these dogs, they shouldn’t be considered as playmates for toddlers or much younger children. They also should be taught to be obedient and not jump over peoples as puppies as their huge sizes could be a handful when they grow to adulthood.

Dog breed selector: Top 3 Largest Breeds In The World

The Scottish Deerhound: the gentle Scottish giant is a sight for sore eyes. Standing at 32 inches tall and a weight of between 75 and 110 pounds, this is a huge canine specimen. This giant loves to spend time with people, could be a handful when young, but their enthusiasm peters out significantly as they grow and they then settle for a gentle and cool approach to life. They love good kids – those that are nice to them – and they’re known to be very faithful to friends.


The Irish Wolfhound: this breed is lightweight as far as their weights are concerned but are one of the tallest dogs, standing at 35 inches. Weighing between 105 and 125 pounds; these royal dogs were the exclusive property of nobility. They’re perfect for hunting but definitely not the best as guard dogs as they’re extremely friendly and could even befriend the intruders they’re meant to keep out.

They’re caring and fearless. This makes them the perfect companions for those that go on walks as you can be sure that they’ll protect you from attacks.

The Great Dane: The undisputed champion of all dogs. The Great Dane comes in at an almost unbelievable height with the largest of them all – Zeus coming in at an impressive 44 inches. The average Great Dane weighs between 28-34 inches at the shoulder and they’re actually a cross between lightweight dogs from Denmark and English Mastiffs.

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