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What’s the best CBD oil for your pets?


Since cannaabidiol (CBD) oil’s popularity skyrocketed in recent months due to its many application and medical benefits, new opportunities for growth have been opening up. One of these emerging markets is pet supplements and pet wellness. But are CBD oils really beneficial to your furry friends?

In 2016, pet owners in the U.S. shelled out a total of $30 billion on treatments. On the other hand, the demand for pet medicine in the U.S. has grown into a multi-billion industry. CBD oil represents an alternative to costly prescription drugs. The market for CBD is projected to grow 700 percent annually by 2020. Once more states have approved cannabis for medical and recreational use, there is no ceiling as to how high the market could climb.

In Canada, CBD is legal as long as it contains a low amount (0.3 percent only) of THC while in the U.S., CBD remains illegal in only four states: Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota and Kansas. Other states require prescription first. Pet owners have been using cannabis products for their pets, but is CBD oil really effective?

Animals have similar endocannabinoid system with humans, which makes them ideally at par in terms of receiving the same effects and benefits when administered with CBD. According to Dogs Naturally, CBD is safe because it does not contain THC, the compound in cannabis which is responsible for hallucinating effects. CBD oils are generally used to maintain the overall health and well-being of pets, but they are also helpful in treating anxiety and noise phobias among dogs. It can also be used in cancer, epilepsy and seizures treatment.

CBD oil can be an alternative treatment for seizures since drugs such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide are known to give extreme side effects. CBD oils are perfectly safe and legal for pets, but exercising due diligence with trusted vets does not hurt. Reading labels and searching the background of cannabis companies that offer CBD oils for pets are part of the process.

One of the leading companies that offer CBD oil for pets is Diamond CBD. Diamond CBD is owned by PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), a known company in the cannabis industry. Diamond CBD offers MediPets CBD Oil for dogs with different CBD content for small, medium and large dogs.

Diamond CBD also offers a wide range of products for cats and dogs such as MediPets CBD Treats – Beef & Rice Gourmet, MediPets CBD Treats – Cat Cafe´ Tartar Control, Pet CBD Food for Large Dogs – Bacon Flavor, Pet CBD Food for Small Dogs – Bacon Flavor, MediPets CBD Treats – Salmon Bites and MediPets CBD Treats – Purrs & Puffs, among others. You may view the full list here.

Their key to making superb CBD oils is high-quality ingredients. All of Diamond CBD products are made with pure CBD and no traces of THC, as the compound is extracted from hemp plants using the supercritical CO2 extraction process. It is the most gentle approach to get the compound while maintaining its naturally-occurring properties. The rest of the ingredients are 100 percent organic and no harmful chemicals are added. Some products even display the actual third-party lab results to ensure transparency and safety to consumers.

All of the products contain the necessary information such as ingredients, the quantity of serving and description. They can be ordered online for added convenience and delivered straight to your home. In terms of service, Diamond CBD offers free returns within 15 days and free shipping for orders worth at least $100 within the continental USA.

Another company poised to take off in the CBD oils for pets market is Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. The company is ready to manufacture its patented Ready-To-Infuse-Cannabis oil to powder into capsules for pets’ consumption.

“With Pivot’s line of pet products, the pain-relieving effects of CBD can be delivered orally, topically or as an additive sprinkled on pet food,” Pivot’s Executive Vice-President of Product Development Dr. Joseph Borovsky explains.

The future looks promising for CBD oils with the integration of products for pets such as dogs and cats. Animal lovers all over the world deserve an alternative that is safe and effective that only high-quality CBD oils can deliver.


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