• Tuesday , 23 July 2019

Who Should Stay with Your Dog While You Are Away?

Not all holiday destinations are pet-friendly, so dog owners will often have to leave their companions behind when going on a holiday. The same is valid for most business trips. If you can’t have your pet stay at home all by itself and a food dispenser is not enough to ensure its comfort, what will you choose to do? Let’s analyze together the options if you’re going to have someone take care of your dog.

Friends, relatives, neighbors

The first “pet sitter” choices are represented by the people who are rather close to you and you feel you can trust. Your friends or relatives probably won’t mind to drop by every day during your absence to provide pets with fresh food and water. They can also check to see if everything is in order with the house: pipes, faucets, locks, etc. Many people feel their homes are safe this way. However, someone close to you is no guarantee that they love animals and know how to handle them. This might prove to be a very important factor in making a decision, especially if it’s particularly important to the well being of your pets.


Home pet sitters

If you have some cash to spare, you should look into specialized services. Dog sitting is a service you can truly rely on. Online or in newspapers, you can find companies or individuals who can cater to your pet’s needs round the clock. Have someone spend the whole day at your place – much in the likes of a “house sitter”. Thus, you can make sure your pet is cared for at any given time. This is especially useful if they’re usually craving for attention and affection. Someone actually living in your house during your absence can make this time easier on the pet.

In-house hourly services

If you consider it’s not necessary to have someone stay at your place 24/7, then you can hire a service provider by the hour. It’s a more economical way and, although your dog won’t be monitored day and night, you will know that it will be cared for. Besides, it’s reassuring to know that someone qualified is in charge of that – someone who actually loves dogs and has good references from similar jobs.

Off-site services

The same kind of dedicated people may offer to spend time with your pet, but on their premises. This is a great compromise solution to anyone who wants 24/7 assistance but wouldn’t have anyone live in their house. If you’re also not comfortable with that, then have your dog taken to the pet sitter’s home. This works only if the dog is adaptable and does not stress over such matters. Some people find their local veterinarians to be of great help. Yes, you may have your dog hosted by a local vet, given that there’s enough room. Note that this will usually involve a cage. This is a good option for people who have no other choice or for those whose pets may have a condition and be in need of medical care.

In order to select the right service, you need to take into account not just all options, but also the aspects highlighted above. The temperament and needs of your pet will have a major impact on your choice.

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