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Wooden Flooring for Pet Proprietors

Wooden flooring and pets aren’t mutually exclusive.

Pets, particularly dogs, are well known for scratching up wooden flooring. They are able to wear wooden flooring too, particularly when they grow older.

However, most scratches and slips can (and really should) be avoided with frequent nail clippings. Homeowners nobody love their fur babies, and can love their new wood flooring nearly as much, will discover that particular forest and stains tend to be more pet-friendly than the others.


First, consider tile floors over wood if you are available to that. Tile is durable, strong and scratch-proof. The very best wooden flooring for pet proprietors is easily the most durable with increased rustic finishes or lighter stains (naturally, scratching a dark floor to show the lighter color below will probably be more noticeable).

How Distressing!

Fortunately for pet proprietors, the feel of distressed natural floors is gorgeous and not going anywhere soon. Probably the most pet-friendly option, any scratches and nicks (from pets or else) will blend in.

Choose wood like oak that’s naturally scratch-resistant inside a lighter stain with a little distress, and you will easily camouflage scratches. Oak comes in a number of grain patterns and natural colors, and it is extremely rich in The United States, which makes it a higher-quality yet affordable option.

Walnut, hickory, common and some kinds of cherry will also be harder forest which make for gorgeous flooring.

Another consideration is reputable hardwood versus. engineered. Engineered hardwood consists of thinner layers of wood glued together. It’s less expensive, however it can’t endure just as much re-sanding as full hardwood.


Bear in mind that restoring engineered hardwood is not always a choice whether it suffers severe damage, but full hardwood can frequently be re-sanded, salvaged and repaired with increased ease.

Wet ‘n’ Wild: Keep Wooden Flooring Safe

Scratches are simply one problem hardwood floor proprietors face. Pets may have a inclination to tinkle, even if toilet trained, and that induce serious trouble for floors. You need to wipe up any messes immediately, or else you risk warped and stained floors.

If at all possible, keep pets from wood-floored rooms when you are not home. It’s much simpler to wash carpet than floors, and sectioning off “pet rooms” when ever proprietors are away, or kenneling, might help save your valuable floors.

Your floors can get scratched sooner or later, regardless of whether you have pets or otherwise, and the very first time it takes place could be heartbreaking. However, some good products are for sale to effectively hide scratches, like Parker & Bailey Wood Scratch repair pens or Glow Scratch Aide. Most pet-related scratches are shallow and do not really damage the wood, so an easy cover-up is that’s required.

Animal ought to be selected according to preference and lifestyle, including consideration for the pets. You may still obtain the wooden flooring you’ve always dreamt of, even though you possess a menagerie in your own home.

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